Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aitana 3B

MY EXPERIENCE Three years ago I celebrated my birthday in my house on the mountainand my friends and we decided to go for a walk. While we were walking we saw a big sheep and we were scared and we ran a lot but the big sheep ran after us. I climbed up a wall but on the other side there were a lot of cows.>Then the sheep ran after Tamara ,one of my friends ,and then I climbed down the wall and ran for my parents and they called the owners and they came and took the cattle away.Out of this experience I learnt that if run away from animals they will run faster than me and when you look at one you musn't run, it is beter to remain stilland wait for the animal to go awayThis is a real story and it is also very funny.


laura 3c said...

Of course that you and Tamara can't go to a place without showing off!!
It only was a shep it didn't make you scary at all.

Bye kisses!¡!¡

Anonymous said...

Hi!!I think that your experience is very funny.

Anonymous said...

hi Aitana,
your story is pretty funny ^^
I like it much ^^
and now you have new experience with animals :)))

Aga ( I i)

meggy said...

Hi hi. That was funny:) Animals are faster than us because they have a four-feet drive xD

Aroa said...

Hi!!! I am your frend Aroa. This day I am very scared. This story is very very funny but I A lot of fear happens.
ok!! Goodbye kisses a lot of kisses for you.;) !!