Friday, February 15, 2008

Ronald 3B

This is a bad experience.

It happened in May 2006.It was a good day in the mountain when suddenly the fog came over and I and my family got lost in the mountain.
We walked for 4 hours more or less and we couldn’t find the car.
The night was coming and we couldn’t arrive and suddenly the fog disappeared and we had to run for 3 kilometres quikly to get to the car.
Finally it was only a bad experience but it was frightening.


Pablo said...

Hi! Well, I know that mountain very much and I know that the fog is the most dangerous thing that it can hapen to you. Next time that you are going to go to "El Sueve", you must see the weather news from the tv first!!

Anonymous said...

should I be scared? :) very interesting story.
Asia I "g"

Anonymous said...

It is dreatful!! Certainly I would be afraid.

TiGeR (Iga 1g)

Anonymous said...

Omg! There is not happy history, but it is instructive.
Magda 1g

Anonymous said...

Wow, when I was in mountain i had situation like this but I had been suprised by gale. It was also very frightening. eVvka 3e

Anonymous said...

Hello! Once I and my sister lost in forest. We were run in circles, but after few hours, fortunately, my dog found us. So, maybe you should buy a dog:]
Nikol, 3E

Anonymous said...

Hyhyhy ;p

Yeahh it not will be nice story ;d

Of course xD

I don.t like mountines but I think they're beautiful :)

Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

Its true story ?
I'd probably die of scary !

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

Fog is dangerous :P
Maciek IG

Anonymous said...

I'm Ronald,
There is a lot of coments!!
Bye bye!!