Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monika, 1 g

It happened last holiday. I went to the Zoo with my brother and uncle. It was in Czech Republic. I thought that it would be boring but it was quite contrary.

We were walking and watching animals when suddenly I saw a big giraffe which was approaching us. We were very frightened and my brother wanted to run away. It was too late! The giraffe was huge!

People, who were there, were all laughing...but I ddn't know why. I was running around and shouting. My uncle started to panic as well. Finally, a ZOO worker came and told my uncle that it's normal, that this giraffe could walk out of its cage. The giraffe was called "Star". People were accustomed to Star. We felt very surprised.

It turned out that the giraffe was really nice. People could stroke it. Star liked this place.

It was a very strange adventure. I don't know what moral is of this story... but it was funny.

Monika, class I "g"


Kasia,3g said...

Hi Monika!This history is interesting:)and photo is very beautiful-I like giraffe:)bye

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Photo! ^^

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Photo! ^^
Maciek IG

IVAN 3ºA said...

The photo is very interesting,jirafe is very beautiful....jajajajajajajjaajja


Adrian said...

I like the zoo, I was the zoo in Cabarceno.

Anonymous said...

giraffe is fantastic:)
Karolina 3g

_GoToSleep_ said...


nice photo ;)

This giraffe is very interesting ^^