Friday, February 1, 2008

Alba 3ºA


Last Saturday I went to a friend's house with my brother. We were watching TV and playing games, when my brother broke the PlayStation, and my friend got very angry!!!!

Then my brother and I ran out of the house. The solution to this problem was that I bought a new PlayStation and gave it to my friend. Then he was laughing!!!!


Our class said...


Wow !!

You had to be really scary :D

I hope now is ok :D

meggy said...

Wow that must be terryfying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alba! It was unpleasant accident. I' m interested how react your parents? I have got hope that all was good... Bye!

Łukasz3g said...

I'm happy that this adventure have good end, but i hope you don't do this anymore, best wishes

paweł,3g said...

hello! This accident was very expensive, wasn't it? ;] but if the final was laughing, i don't have ask ;p regards

ola3g said...

Oh I'm very sory for your friends ... Surely he is very very angry.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I have the playstation3.Do you know how expensive is it??
Bye bye

Kasia,3g said...

Hi Alba!You had to be very scary.But end was very laughing.Bye :)

Anonymous said...

uuu ;p;p

I'm sorry ;p

It won't be nice situation :)
But I hoper everything is good now xd

Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig