Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Asia, 1 g

I was a little girl then, 5 or 6 years old. I was with my dad in Hungary. We went to a swimming pool. My dad said: "I will leave you for a moment. I'll go and buy some ice-cream. Just wait for me."

I was scared. I didn't want to stay there, when my dad left for the shop. I decided to follow him. I went out from the swimming pool. Unfortunately I couldn't find my father. There were lots of people. I lost my way! I was terrified and started to cry.

A woman, who saw my tears, started to say something to comfort me. But I couldn't understand her. I couldn't speak Hungarian.I didn't know what to do. I was running there, screaming: "Dad!".

Finally, I saw my dad. He was just coming back with some ice-cream. I felt so happy! Dad didn't understand what had happened. I explained it to him. At last everything was OK.

So ... what's the moral of the story? ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR DADDY! DADDY KNOWS BEST! :-)

Asia, class I "g"


Anonymous said...

It happened the same to me... hehe

I like the swimming pool very much

Bye Bye


Emila 3g said...

wow nice photo :) it looks like a good hotel's pool

Anonymous said...

I have been there!
It was fantastic!
Nice work. :)

Maciek IG

magda m. said...

that story was awful...

I don't want be on your place

you have right dad know best :P

magda m.

Kasia,3g said...

Hi!That's is right-dad know best:*I like the swimming pool:)photo is fantastic;pbye

Anonymous said...

the photo is fantastic.I like the swimming pool since I was a child.

ALBA said...

Hello Asia, your photo is very beautiful and your coment very interesting, but I wouldn´t like that it happened to me.

Adrian said...

I like Hungary but I don´t like swimming.

carlos said...

Hello.Your photo is interesting.I don't like swimming.