Friday, February 1, 2008

Cristina 3ºC


In 2008 my uncle gave me a horse. This horse wasn’t tamed and I didn’t know it. One day my father told me to ride it, his friends were talking with him. I got on the horse and had a ride to my granny’s house. When I came home again my father was still talking with his friends. I was getting closer to them when the horse felt afraid of something and I fell off the horse while my father's friends were shouting. I had a very embarrassing moment because the friends of my father were laughing at me. Finally I was laughing with them.
I won't forget the experience.


meggy said...

Yeah, it couldn't be a nice experience.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cristina! This story it's very interesting. I never ride in horse, because admire you.

Alicja, class 1 "i"

Łukasz3g said...

Your history is very interesting. I'd like to hear more about this, best wishes

paweł,3g said...

hi! your adventure is very orginal. Horses are these animal which I won't ever understand ;p regards

ola3g said...

Interesting story ;) I like horses ;) best wishes

Anonymous said...


I an Aitana
I think that your history
is very interesting.
I also ride a horse and is very
good history.


Kasia,3g said...

Hello Cristina!This history is interesting:)I like horses.Bye

Anonymous said...

Hello!! I´m Julia , your picture is amazing and beautiful horse , and your story is really interesting

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I belive it can't be nice experience :)

Nice photo :)

Horses are beautiful :)

Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig