Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Justyna M., 1 g

Last summer when I was in Lwów I had a strange adventure.

My parents and I were walking in a park and there was a big monument. My parents wanted to take a photo of it and I went on the monument. My parents took the photo and we wanted to go ahead. Suddenly we saw a man who was screaming at us in a strange foreign language. We felt very surprised and we left.

It was a very strange situation and I felt scared of that man. I will never forget this adventure.

Justyna M., class I "g"


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Maria, from Spain.

Yes, that's a frightening story..
If I were in that situation, maybe I would start to scream, because I'm easily scared hehe


KiSsEeEes! ^^

Anonymous said...

I´m Julia
Your story is mysterious and great. By, by

Kasia,3g said...

Hi!This history is very wonderful.Lwów is beautiful place:*bye

ALBA said...

Hello Justyna, I like your photo very much and your story is very confusing and mysterious.

Bruno said...

It is mysterious and good.