Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gabrysia, 1 g

It was a beautiful day. I was shopping. When I was near a shelf with eggs, suddenly I saw a man who was wearing a black jacket, a black cap, black trousers and a black mask on his face. I noticed that he was stealing a purse, which belonged to a woman. I screamed "Pickpocket!".
Then everybody looked at him and blocked the door. The police caught the thief and in reward the woman gave me a special free card for regular customers to the cinema. For free! For...4 people! For...5 years! It turned out that the lady was a proprietor of a 3D cinema.
Be honest! :)

Gabrysia, class I "g"


Anonymous said...


Your story is interesting and amazing , you were very lucky.
So, by, by.

Anonymous said...

You are hero! :)
Interesting story

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

You are hero! :)
Interesting story"
Maciek IG