Thursday, January 31, 2008

Piotr (3"g")

I haven't got any pet... I also have not had an animal - NEVER :( Why? Because my parents hate everything, which has fur and moves :D But some day I will buy it :D I know that.

Of course my favourite animals are dogs... Because dogs are REAL animals... Hamsters, fishes and other little stupid organisms are not ANIMALS... It's just a parody of animals :D So... Dogs... I want to have a dog like Husky. In my opinion this dog is special... It looks very smart, strong and a little fearsome :] If I have a Husky I'll name it ZDZICH... Don't ask why :D I chose Husky because it has a "royal" appearance... The most common colours are black and white or grey and white... They always have brown or blue eyes, but they sometimes can have different colours of eyes - ONE BLUE AND ONE BROWN :] They're very clever and hard-working... They use their energy and power to pull heavy articles on the snow... It's very respectable...

Maybe some day I'll have a little black and white ZDZICH :]

Piotr, class III "g"

Rafał S. (3 "g")

I have got a dog, his name is Misio. He is small and a little fat.
He is three years old. He has black fur with white patches. He is funny and very
friendly. I like him very much and I think that he likes me too. We have
a good time together. I take him for walks and I play with him.
I'm very happy that I have a dog.

Rafał S., class III "G"

Paweł J. (3 "g")

Actually I don’t have any pets. When I was young I wanted to have a labrador. But Dominik from my class wrote about it, so I must write about my second favourite kind of dog – Beagle.

Beagle is a small size dog. His weight is only 17 kilograms. This dog is a member of hound group so he likes to run. Beagles have short and three colour hair: white,black and brown. Beagle-type dogs have existed for over 2,000 years.

Beagle is also a popular dog. In my hometown many people have it. Beagle is famous in television too. This kind of dog is often used in adverts, films etc. Snoopy of the comic strip Peanuts has been promoted as "the world's most famous beagle". In my opinion beagle is such an interesting dog, and maybe in the future I will have one.

Paweł J., class III "g"

Ewelina (1 "i")


I have got a small and gold fish.
It lives in a round aquarium.
In the aquarium there are grit and small and green plants.
I give it fish food and I change water every two weeks.

I like my fish, because it always brings me good luck.

Ewelina, class I "i"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Emilka (3 "g")

My favourite animal is my dog named Kaya. My mum gave it to me when I was 12.

Kaya is a white and black Pekinese. She has long and soft fur and big ears. She is sweet, lovely and very small.

Every day I walk with her and we play together. She likes to play with a rubber ball. When I feel blue or I cry Kaya alwas comes to me and she comforts me.

My whole family likes my dog but I love her the most.

Emilka, class III "G"

Dominik (3"g")

I haven’t got an animal at home. =( But I will have it some day.

My favourite animals are dogs, because they are friendly to people. My opinion is explicit: the best dog is a LABRADOR! He is very big, has got short hair, colour: light brown, has got a long tail and big ears. He is very sweet and amiable! My cousin has got this kind of dog. Labradors need a lot of space, where they can run. This dog is exciting , but also very grateful. It stands out from other dogs. A labrador is fantastic and interesting. I wish to have this dog! =]

Dominik, class III "G"

Magda R. (3 "g")

I’m going to write about my dog - Bert.

He is 11 months old German Shepherd Dog. He is crazy and a bit foolish. My mum, thinks, that when he grows up he will be more clever. But I don’t think so;)

He is afraid of water, so it’s difficult to wash him :D Bert is a funny dog. He likes playing with his knot. Sometimes he steals our things like gloves, or a hat to run after him. He doesn’t understand that it isn’t funny for us.

In this winter, we hang some meat on the tree for Great Tits. Bert was sitting all day near this tree, and he was looking at the meat. We were laughing that he is a very big Great Tit :D

Some people are afraid of Bert. Please, look at the picture. Is he scary? I think no, but it is only my opinion.


Magda R., class III "G"

Karolina (3 "g")

My pet is a tiger, his name is Tygi.

He is five years old. Tygi is tall and slim .He has got a beautiful fur, small black eyes and a big pink nose.

Tygi eats gummy bears and chocolate (he loves it). Tiger's lifestyle is very healthy. He plays football, dances and eats fruit. (He hates fast food because it`s very dangerous for his health ).

Tygi loves to sleep on my bed and read my school books (He is very intelligent ).
He is a good friend for me.

Of course it's a joke. I haven't got a real animal :)

Karolina, class III "G"

Sylwia K. (III "G")

Hokuś is a guinea pig of rosette breed, three-coloured. He has a black - brown muzzle, white backs and a black bottom. He has also pretty, black shiny little eyes and funny ears. His fur is very nice and soft and probably therefore it is very often stroked. Hector has very bright disposition. It does not bite, it runs away, it scrapes. It adores stroking, sightseeing in the house as well as walks on the yard. It also adores hiding himself in hay. It is not a little animal absorbing remarkably, however if someone does not pay to him attention for a long time, he squeals or it bites rods in cage. He adores eating carrots , hay, apples, but even my exercise books how some will find on with its way.

Hokuś is my "comforter". When something goes wrong, I can complain to him and it will not say anybody :P It would be somehow empty without him. When I come back home it greets me squeaking, when I fall asleep it runs in his cage. I have already got accustomed to this so much , that I find it hard to fall asleep without his noises. He hasn't had any great adventures in his two-year life. Only enough traumatic event for him was the moment which you can see in picture above :P. Hokuś sits in a case while two amiable kittens want to get acquainted with him :)

Sylwia K., class III "G"

Alicja (I'i")

I have got a dog. Her name is Hera. She is big, nice, beautiful and polite. She always wants to play with a ball (this ball is small, yellow with a string), go a walk, eat, run or sleep in my bed.

She has got brown fur with white patches, a long brown tail , long paws with white 'socks' and floppy ears. Hera is two years old. Every day, when I come back to home Hera greets me waving her tail.

Her favourite kinds of food are fish and meat. I love my dog, because a dog is man's best friend.

Alicja, class I "I"

Iga (Tiger) (I"G")

My sweet, tiny pet


Everybody has a pet and so do I. It is such a tiny ball of fur. One should like to say it is a ball of love. Yes my pet is a Mesocricetus auratus or in other words a Syrian hamster. It is larger than a traditional hamster. People laugh that my tiny, little darling is a glutton - but plump is simply what it was made to look like. Its name is Snowie and here is where a mistake apparently was made. Namely when it was very small it looked snow-white. Then it turned out to be in fact cream-coloured. So I guess its name should in fact be Creamie. Or perhaps Spongie.


Spongie, I’m sorry, Snowie is a bit of idler, a lazybones of if you prefer a sluggard. If it were not for me and my clever ideas for fun it would barely leave its house at all. It spends the day lying on its hay only to go on binge round the cage at night. So I have to take care of its daily entertainment. It is my occasional habit to put my foot under the cabinet on witch the hamster’s cage stands and by slightly lifting it I provide Snowie a real earthquake experience. On other occasion we play the giant spider attack game. In the game I place a toy spider which is three times as big as Snowie and top of the cage. And I must admit Snowie is a true tough guy because it does not look scared at all. In order to impress Snowie but a bit I need to move and shake the spider so that where is the impression of movement. Snowie eats its special feed that he simply loves. But from time to time I like to spoil my hamster by giving it bits of apple or carrot. It put those delicates on the upper floor of the cage where Snowie comes to get them and in that way I get the opportunity to see my hamster eats its goodies.


Snowie lives in a cage where it has a wooden house. This type of house is typically used for guinea-pigs ( ^.^ ) which are larger than hamsters. So you could say that Snowie has a spacious hamster mansion and it must be very comfortable there. My hamster has the thing about keeping everything in order. So one section of its house serves as a bedroom, another is a toilet and yet another houses a pantry. A genuine stickler for cleanliness, you could conclude, that minus the hamster droppings that cover the toilet section lying one next to another. It’s just a well hamster droppings do not stink as much as cat dung. Apart from that Snowie has a run and a second floor on which it likes to stroll at moonlit nights and not just stroll but also do its wild nighttime frolics.


Snowie has a special place in my family. Sometimes I get to think my brother - a real larva and a pest too - lies lower in the hierarchy than Snowie. But that is all joking of course as that is my beloved brother and Snowie is only a rodent. My mother is yet another person to love Snowie a lot. Dad treats the hamster in a neutral kind of way. And the same time my mum bribes Snowie with delicacies to eat now or hide in its cheeks for later. Snowie repays the love by looking gorgeous and it sometimes gives us the pleasure of sticking its head out of its house in daytime which as we all know is not one of its habits.
But most importantly Snowie can be taken in your hands and it won’t bite, unless it changes it’s mind.

Iga, class I "G"

Wojtek (I "G")

I have got three dogs. Their names are Taszka, Roksa and Nero.
Taszka is a dachshund and she is twelve years old, she is small, red and very funny. She lives at home with us.
Roksa is a big pet, she is black and looks like a wolf. She is ten years old and she lives in the garden.
Nero is a very big dog. He is four years old. He lives in the garden with Roksa.
My pets like to eat meat and dog food very much and they like to drink milk and water. My pets are very funny. Taszka always makes a funny face. Roksa likes fun and Nero likes to eat a lot. He loves to eat!
This is Taszka:

Wojtek, class I "G"

Karolina Sa. (I"G")

I’m going to tell you about my pets.
Generally, I have got three pets , and my grandma has got a dog which I’m very attached to. That means I have got four pets.

Firstly my cat.
I have got a cat. Her name is Pusia. She is a Persian, so she has got long fur . She has got huge paws. She has got very big , trusting , green eyes. Persian cats have got flat noses so she’s got a flat nose too. She’s 8 years old. I have had her since I was four years old. But I ‘m not worried that she will die soon will because those cats live to 20 years. She is a very beautiful cat.

Secondly my hamster
I used to have two hamsters. But my younger hamster died. Sorry, I can’t tell you about it, it is still very harmful. Sorry, very sorry. So I have got one hamster. Her name is Mimi. She is a Sirian hamster. She has got long, fluffy black fur and shiny, big black eyes. The funniest thing is her short tail :) She is very sweet.

Thirdly my and my grandma’s dog.
Her name is Bela because my grandma likes the song “ O Bella ,Bella Donna”
She is a little poodle. She has got curly white fur. She has got floppy ears. And a medium tail. She is very faithful and nice. But my father thinks that Bella is stupid , but it’s not true.

And my turtle
His name is Pimpuś. I have had him since I was four years old too. So I was a baby then . He is very young as a turtle . A turtle lives up to 200 years. He is little and sweet. I like him very much.

In the photo: my cat, Pusia:

Karolina Sa., class I "G"

Ewelina (I "G")

I love pets! I`ve got a lovely dog, a guinea-pig and a hamster.

My dog`s name is Spike. He is young because he`s only 11 months. He is very smart, he knows what "Spike"means.....and much much more! He likes playing (with kids or my parents), eating (of course) and biting everything! He has got a basket but he doesn`t use it, he sleeps with my parents or with me because he likes hot places. Spike swims well (he proved it on holiday)but he doesn`t like it. He is black and white, he hasn`t got fur but HUMAN`S HAIR. We`re taking him to dog`s hairdresser once a month (but only in summer) he looks much much better after cutting...

My guinea-pig`s name is Lola. She is 1 year, she was born three dyas after my birthday. She is Peruvian. She has got long white fur, but in summer we cut it because it`s too hot for her. She is a "lady", she doesn`t like when someone touches her. She lives in her cage, but she has got always opened door. Sometimes she walks in the house but usually she sleeps at her home(cage). She is realy a good swimmer, but like my dog she hates it. Lola is may third guinea-pig and I am glad that I have her!

Her name is Gryzelda. She is the youngest...I took her from my school. She has got dark grey fur and big black eyes. She likes sleeping! She is realy funny. Her favourite food is chocolate or apples.

In the photo: my guinea-pig, Lola

Ewelina, class I"G"

Olivia (I "G")

I am going to tell you about my little hamster.
My hamster is male, and his name is Pysio.
Pysio is a sweet and fat hamster which loves to sleep. He has a big, spacious coop. Whole days he sits in the boxes, which I make for him.
Pysio has got white hair/fur, and a characteristic stripe on the spine.
I love Pysio very much, and I adore playing with him. Together we make tummies and run at the flat. I think Pysio doesn't have a bad life. I try to cheer him up many times and I take care of him the best I can.


Olivia, class I "G"

Gabrysia (I"G")

I have always loved animals. My first pets were hamsters. My first hamster called Puszek put
wafers beside his home, just like books on the shelf. My second hamster called Mrynio was very messy.
And the third one is a female and her name is Tina.
But it's not over yet as for my pets. The most loved one is my dog - Molly. She is so beautiful and I love her very much. She turned one year recently, she was born on 24.08.2006.
I found an advertisement in the internet and my family and I loved her right away.
She joined our family in November. I remember that was on the day when it was "Domino Day 2006".
Molly is a wonderful dog. She likes playing with her balls. She is a very good runner. She is very smart and she knows a lot of tricks. I love taking photos of her. She looks as if she was smiling, doesn't she?

Gabrysia, class I "G"

Kasia O. (I "g")

Hi everyone! :)
I will tell you about my dream pet. I want to have a dog very much but my mum unfortunately doesn't agree with it. As a matter of fact I had dogs but I was little and I don't remember them. Heh.. I recalled when my mum told me a story about my dog. I was 5 maybe 6 and I loved to play with my dog. It lied on a sofa and I went to my dog. I began to pull dog and to my mum surprise, it didn't even snarl :) Hmm... Later we had another dog. It was very unbearable because always digged up flowers. :(
Ok they are my memories about dogs but subject is: "my dream pet". So let's start ^^. My dog will be a labrador, husky or golden retriver. I like these breeds very much. They are sweet, beautiful and friendly. :) His name will be "Vega" but I don"t know why. :P
I hope my mum will agree with it at last.

Kasia O., class I"G"

Justyna M. (I"g")

I have got a dog. His breed is a German sheepdog. He is called Tytus. He's three years old.
Tytus has got big ears, big black nose, long black, brown creamy fur and a long tail. He likes to run, swim in the lake and play with his favourite ball. Tytus doesn't like dog's food, he prefers healthy food. He likes children and friendly dogs. He has got a friend called Iwo. Tytus is a friendly dog but he doesn't like bad people.
I like my dog very much.

Justyna M., class I "G"

Magda Z. (I "g")

I have got a pet. His name' s Morus. Morusis 6 months old. He is St Bernard's dog. Morus is a big dog. He has got long hair. His hair is brown and white. Morus has got long legs and a short tail. He has got a very friendly face. His eyes are brown. My dog has got long brown ears.
Morus is a puppy that' s why he likes playing whith other dogs. Morus has got a best friend. His name' s Koda.
Morus loves eating. His favourite food is meat, but sometimes he likes eating Chappi.
My family and I love him very munch. He is like a member of our family, beause he is funny, cheerful and he has never let us down.

Magda Z., class I "G"

Monika (I "g")

My pet is a hamster ^^. His name is K(l)usiek. Now he is 8 months old. He is a typical man!
...a coach potato - this is his generation on the day. He eats or sleeps;) but at night he has a party ! This is a joke but he is very loud indeed. He runs on his carousel. I have accustomed. I like him so much. He is my small friend when I'm sad..or angry.

He is very sweet. He has got dark fur and black eyes. He is fat just like all hamsters ^^. I love him so much! When he is running away I cry. When he is eating I smile. When he is sleeping I'm so happy because he is (I hope) happy.

In the photo he is very small. It was taken when I bought him.
His birdhday is November. I remember when I got him..I was so excited! I knew that it will be super hamster! I had a hamster earlier but Kusiek is the best. He can run and run in my room and I know that he won't run away. My brother called him Klusiek..;0
When I listen to music (hard music) he goes out of his 'house' and listens with me ^^

K(l)usiek is the best!

Monika, class I "g"

Piotr (1"g")

I have one pet in my house. His name is Focus and he's seven years old. I remember day, when my parents carried him to our house (probably in year 2001). He was very little then. Unfortunetly, I haven't got any photos from those beautiful times...
If we are on holidays he often plays... football with me and my dad! It's interesting, that he sometimes scores goals...
He is always hungry.
Sometimies he is very sweet, just like in this photo:

Piotr, class I "g"

Bartek (I "G")

My favourite pet was a cat. Her name was Tora. She was very funny and intelligent. That was the best pet ine the world ;)
I got Tora when I was 4 years old. Her name was an idea of my dad. That means tiger in Chinese. She was a member of our family. She was very intelligent, and she had cat intuition :)
When I was ill, she came to me and she slept on me. She was a very strong cat. 2 years ago, she went to my garden and she didn't come back. After 3 weeks she came back to me. She was hurt badly.
I say she was very strong, because she came back to me half dead ;( ( That was so hard because to my house she needed walk on 7 fences ).
After one week she died ;(
That was an amazing cat, I will never forget her.

Bartek, class I "g"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Selene 3ºA

My favourite pet is called Palomo. He is very clever, good and, in addition, he can dance. He can listen to me as a person, he does not say anything but he understands everything I say. He does everything I say.
He likes being outside and lets people ride him.
He is the best friend that one can have. I amuse myself very much when I ride a horse.

Monday, January 14, 2008


My pet is a poodle. Her name is Luna and she is 5 years old. She is very cheerful and active. She likes playing with a red ball and she doesn't like washing in the bath. She is cinnamon -colour, small and she has got curly hair. She was a present from my parents and she always follows me. But she is just a pet, nothing else.

Cristina 3ºA

The dog is my favourite pet.
I have one dog. Her name is Kira. She is one year old. She is small but intelligent. She loves playing and she doesn't like to be disturbed when she is eating. She is very beautiful and I love her very much. She is adorable.


My dog's name is Neska. She is five years old. She is cheerful, confident and honest. She is small, beautiful and good-looking. I like her because she is an adorable dog, but she is a bit unclean.


Now, I haven’t got any pet but I’m going to speak about my old pet. One turtle called: Julia. She was a present; one friend of my parents gave us. Her real name was Julie because she was a French turtle, but I didn’t like this name so I named her Julia (The same name but in Spanish). She was my pet when I was four or five years old. I don’t remember very well her physical characteristics because I was very young when she was my pet but my parents tell me that she was a mini Galapagos turtle. They also tell me that she was very docile and a bit glutton, but she wa also a bit old when my parent’s friend gave us. So she only lived with us for two years. I wish she had lived longer but during these two years she was very funny: One thing that I remember is that I gave her a special nickname “The Suicidal Turtle” because she threw herself two or three times off the terrace of the second floor. And the stranger thing is that she survived. I don’t remember with accuracy when she died but I remember that my parents, my brother and I were very sad. She was the only pet that I had and at the moment I don’t want to have one because it is a big responsibility that I don’t want to have.


Hello my pet is a dog his name is Brando. He is one years old . He is very funny docile, calm and intelligent. He likes running and eating. He was a present from my parents. I like my dog because he is very special for me. I think that if you have got a pet it is a very big compromise because you must care and love him, equal than a person.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alba 3ºA


My pet is called "Pin". His hair is dark and soft. His personality is very interesting because he is active, cheerful and very impulsive. Pin likes meeting people and playing with them, but what he likes the most is eating!! Pin dislikes staying at home, he prefers to be out, he's independent!!

I found Pin on the road and my parents put the dog in the car and drove him home.

A special moment was when I found Pin on the road because I cried a lot. This experience was wonderful!!!

My relation with Pin is fantastic!! He's like my best friend!!! He has taught me to fight for your life.


Hi! I'm going to speak about my dogs. I have got 11 dogs. Their names are: Rol, Kyyo, Roky, Bombi, Pumuki, Gordi, Zard, Hugo, Mora, Chispa and Laika. My dogs are hunters. They are docile, obedient and calm. My favourite dog is Pumuki. He has got brown hair and he's little.

I think that dogs are the best pets because they are very friendly.

And you? Have you got any pets?



I haven't got a pet, but two years ago I had a dog. The dog's name was Rama. She was small and light brown. Rama was loving and cheerful. It was a present from a friend when I was 3 years old. Rama had many puppies. We had good moments with the puppies.

Rama was a member of the family. She died when she was 10 years old.


I have got a special pet, a cow. Her name is Corza. She's 2 years old. She's dark grey and big and she's very naughty. She never does what I tell her. She likes green grass but she also eats all sorts of fruit (she likes apples but she doesn't like oranges).

She was my birthday present this year. My uncle is a farmer and he knows I love cows, that's why he gave it to me.

One day, she was in my garden and she ate my mother's roses. My mum was very angry but she forgot about it soon because we all love Corza. She gives us company.

I think a cow is a useful pet and it is easy to look after it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cristina 3ºC


Pink-Floyd is a cat. She’s white and grey. She’s cheerful, funny and confident. She likes different food and milk, but she dislikes dry cat food. It was a present!!! She’s very beautiful!!! J
She’s always with me. All the moments are nice when we are together, but when she’s angry, she’s very bad and scratches.
She’s a friend because every day whereever I go she follows me (except to school because she hasn’t got books ). ;)
Don't trust cats too much because they think only of themselves!!! J
Cats can live in a house, they don’t need a special place.

Tamara 3ºC

My cat is big and fat, he has white and orange hair.
He is called Bartolo !! My father put him this name. My cat is very lazy and cheerful. He likes eating and sleeping in my parents's bed !! He is very beautiful and very good !!


MY PET " Gordo "

His name is "Gordo". He is one year old. He has got very long white hair. He is very very fat and strong. It was my mother's gift for my birthday a few months ago.
My relationship with my pet is very good. I spend time playing with him and he is always in the house, but my mother does not like him a lot although he is very loving and behaves well.
I totally recommend that everybody has a pet, because when it keeps you company when you are bored, and it is more a person within the family. At least cats are very affectionate, but they eat a lot.


My pet is an animal that is not usual. Almost nobody has it. It is a wild boar.My boar is called Pumba and is one year old. It was a gift from a friend of my father.Pumba is like a dog because he always follows where I am going and he never escapes. My boar is very affectionate because he never bites. Pumba eats everything but his favourite food are the acorms.

Selene 3ºC

My animal is a dog. Her name is Petalo. She is two years old.
She is small, her hair is short, white and brown, she has big brown eyes.
She likes the food that is eaten at home and also loves playing ball with my sister Cecilia, and to be stroked much. She doesn't like to leave home because she doesn't want to be alone, and can't stand travelling in the car.
Petalo was a gift two years ago, a friend of my mother gave it to us because she couldn't bear her.
Cecilia and Petalo are like sisters. Cecilia loves Petalo,when they are together, she has a very good time and is very happy. Sometimes she is sad because she's alone at home. Petalo for us is like family.
A dog is a very loyal animal and you can teach it.
I would say thatit is good to have a pet at home, it makes you company and you feel safe with them.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


My pet

I have got a pet. It is a dog , its name is Chispa and it is 4 months old.It is black and brown, it isn`t very big .It has got small ears and a long tail.He helps me with the cows . Chispa is very aggressive to cows but it is very friendly to me. people.My dog likes travelling by car , it also likes playing with my brother but sometimes Chispa bites my brother. Chispa doesn`t like to tied.A friend of my grandfather gave Chispa to me as a present.I have experienced a lot of special moments with Chispa . One of them was the day when Chispa lost in the montain . I was very worried but finally I found Chispa .My ralationship with my pet is good but for me it is only a pet . I don`t consider it as member of my family. My dog is very friendly with children and a very good worker .I also try to be friendly and good worker as my dog.If you want to buy a dog, my advive is that you try to educate your dog very well.


My pet is a horse and his name is Tango, he is 8 years old.
He is white and tall. He is nervous but he is very good.
Tango loves eating and his favourite food is bread
And sugar. He doesn’t like carrots.

Tango was a present from my parents for my birthday
last year.

Two month ago I was walking with Tango
And we saw a squirrel.

When I am sad, I ride on my horse and I am happy.

My pet is another member in my family. My father likes him a lot, my mother too, but my sister is
afraid of Tango.

He taught me that having a horse is very beautiful but very
Difficult too, and he also taught me that animals are more reliable than people sometimes.
I warn you that a horse eats a lot and it is necessary
To have a lot of meadows.


My pet :

My pet is a dog. His name is Zar .It is a fox terrier.
In the picture you can see the father of my dog Zar .
Zar is 4 months old. Zar has got black, white and brown hair.
He is very small. Always fighting with other dogs.
He likes running after hens and hunting them. I must always be careful so that he will not eat them. At my grandmother's house we always know when someone is coming.


My pet is a dog. His name is Owen, and he is a cooker.
His name is after a football player that plays in the Real Madrid team.
His colour is between black and white on the stomach. He is very
docile, obedient, but he isn’t tame at all and when he doesn’t know other
people he can become very ferocious.
He eats dog’s food and he loves bones.
He likes playing with my sister and me and also with his teddy bear. He also likes
the shower when he is a bit dirty. He doesn’t like cats at all.
He has his shed where he sleeps, because he is fond of destroying all the
things that he finds around.
I can’t say his age because I met him when he was big but he is good
and I want heim very much.
Kisses and bye bye!!


My pet is called Tola. It is a mare (horse). She is 5 years old and isn`t very big but she is very strong. She is brown but has also got black hair.
Tola is very good but sometimes she is very nervious, She loves running. She likes eating.
Tola was bought by my father to another man.

A especial moment was the day when I first rode my horse and a car was coming and It scared us.Tola began to run and I began to shout.
I haven`t got an especial relation but she is a good friend and I am very fond of Tola.

A lesson which taught me is that people must control wild animals sometimes.


My pet is a cat. His name is Oto and he is a “siames” cat.
His color is between black and brown. It’s docile and tame. He loves playing with a red ball with my father.
He likes eating red peppers and biscuits for cats. He doesn’t like dogs and cheese. I don’t know his age because he was at my house, before i was borned.
Now Oto is in a house on the field because my mother doesn’t want it at home because he scratched my eye.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008



I’ve got a cat called Laila. She is a wild cat, but she is the daughter of my brother's cat. She’s seven years old, she is really funny and cheerful. At night she sleeps in my bed with me. I like her because she makes me company and sometimes she makes me laugh because she makes really funny things. My mother doesn’t like that she is a bit unhygienic.


Hi!I am going to speak about pets and what I think about this.
I haven't got any pets at the moment.When I was 8 years old I had got
2 ducks and 3 tortoises.I always wanted to have a dog but my parents didn't want
.My favorite animal is the dog because I think that they are very
obedient and calm.I hate cats!They are very unfriendly and they
are always looking at you.Another pet that I like a lot are fishes.
I had a lot when I was 9 and 10 years old.I think pets can help you and
they are a good company.And you?Do you like pets?Have you got any pets?

Bye bye
Irene 3ºB


My pet

Hi!! How are you?
I have a lot of pets but my favourites ones are my dog “Ulises” and my sister Alicia XD I think that my dog is more obidient than my sister and my sister more boring than the dog.
The dog is very very big , brown,he has brown eyes. All the people say that my dog is dangerous and that he bites but he is only very nervous and with me he is gentle and obedient. He is always barking when anybody comes to my house, he’s only letting us know that some people are coming.
He likes stealing balls and breaking it and he doesn’t like when he must get clean because he doesn’t like water.
I get my dog because giovanna’s dog gave birth 7 puppies and she gave me one.
My dog shows me that if you want anything you must be nice and obedient because he is very nervous and he is gentle and calm with me so that all people are scared of him and he is always bundle in his stall and he only comes when he is whith me.
So this is my pet.

Bye! I hope that you all have had a lot of presents at Christmas!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My pet is called Puca. She is a small black rabbit. She is one year old and she's very happy and friendly. Puca likes eating vegetables (carrots and lettuce) but sometimes she eats bread and grass too. She hates cats, dogs and foxes, and she also hates my brother because they can all hurt her. I found Puca in my house's garden. She belonged to my neighbours and she escaped. Later my neighbour gave her to me.
I have a lot of special moments with Puca and they are very funny. One of them is when Puca was eating and my brother wanted to catch her. She began to be angry and she started to run behind my brother. He was very scared and he started to scream.
She has taught me to escape from my house.


Yaco is my dog. As you can see, he has got short black hair althoughn he has got some brown hair on his head. His eyes are two brown marbles and his ears are two big brown triangles. His snout is sharp. His teeth are small but sharp. My dog is small but he's a bully. He runs everywhere and he bites my slippers, my shoes and my clothes, but the worst is that he's fond of chickens and cats. Cats don't like Yaco. He likes walking with me and we go to the mountain near home every week. I sit on the grass and Yaco lies with me, he looks at me with complicity and I touch his head and he's thankful. One day, a few months ago, I was up a tree to get an apple and I fell off. Yaco ran home barking, my mum heard him and came out. Yaco took her to me. That day I understood that my dog is very intelligent and what friendship meant to him. I think we are a great team.

Alba 3ºB

My pet is a parrot. His name is Colorin because he has got many colours. My parrot is aggressive and funny because he is always singing. He likes singing and he loves pecking people but he hates bananas. I bought him two years ago in a pet shop. My relationship with my pet is very special. He's one more of the family.


I have got a dog. His name is Casper. He is four years old. He's very active, intelligent and funny. He's black and white and has got brown eyes. He's abig Border Collie. He was a present from my father's friend. My dog eats dog food and meat, he doesn't like fish or vegetables.We go for walks in Infiesto and in the mountains. At home I play with him. He likes sleeping in the sofa in my parents' bedroom. He likes running in the mountains with the other animals. In the summer we go to the river and he swims. When we go on holidays, Casper stays at home with food ans water. We don't leave him in the street.