Friday, January 18, 2008

Emilka (3 "g")

My favourite animal is my dog named Kaya. My mum gave it to me when I was 12.

Kaya is a white and black Pekinese. She has long and soft fur and big ears. She is sweet, lovely and very small.

Every day I walk with her and we play together. She likes to play with a rubber ball. When I feel blue or I cry Kaya alwas comes to me and she comforts me.

My whole family likes my dog but I love her the most.

Emilka, class III "G"


alba said...

Hello Emilka!!!
I like your comment and your photo is beautiful!!
My dog likes playing with a rubber ball!!
bye bye kisses...

ALBA 3B said...

Hello Emilka, I like your dogvery much .Ther photo is very beautiful and funny.
You comment is very interesting.

laura3ºb said...

your dog is very beautiful and interesting

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Julia your dog is very funny and nice. By, by

Dominik 3g said...

Hello Emilka!!!
Your dog is fantastic and interesting. She is small, so is ideal to small home. So to my home. xD Regards... :D

Anonymous said...


I am Axo Your dog is very funny and nice.
Is very funny because has long hair and big ears.

BYE BYE and beautiful photo.