Friday, January 18, 2008

Iga (Tiger) (I"G")

My sweet, tiny pet


Everybody has a pet and so do I. It is such a tiny ball of fur. One should like to say it is a ball of love. Yes my pet is a Mesocricetus auratus or in other words a Syrian hamster. It is larger than a traditional hamster. People laugh that my tiny, little darling is a glutton - but plump is simply what it was made to look like. Its name is Snowie and here is where a mistake apparently was made. Namely when it was very small it looked snow-white. Then it turned out to be in fact cream-coloured. So I guess its name should in fact be Creamie. Or perhaps Spongie.


Spongie, I’m sorry, Snowie is a bit of idler, a lazybones of if you prefer a sluggard. If it were not for me and my clever ideas for fun it would barely leave its house at all. It spends the day lying on its hay only to go on binge round the cage at night. So I have to take care of its daily entertainment. It is my occasional habit to put my foot under the cabinet on witch the hamster’s cage stands and by slightly lifting it I provide Snowie a real earthquake experience. On other occasion we play the giant spider attack game. In the game I place a toy spider which is three times as big as Snowie and top of the cage. And I must admit Snowie is a true tough guy because it does not look scared at all. In order to impress Snowie but a bit I need to move and shake the spider so that where is the impression of movement. Snowie eats its special feed that he simply loves. But from time to time I like to spoil my hamster by giving it bits of apple or carrot. It put those delicates on the upper floor of the cage where Snowie comes to get them and in that way I get the opportunity to see my hamster eats its goodies.


Snowie lives in a cage where it has a wooden house. This type of house is typically used for guinea-pigs ( ^.^ ) which are larger than hamsters. So you could say that Snowie has a spacious hamster mansion and it must be very comfortable there. My hamster has the thing about keeping everything in order. So one section of its house serves as a bedroom, another is a toilet and yet another houses a pantry. A genuine stickler for cleanliness, you could conclude, that minus the hamster droppings that cover the toilet section lying one next to another. It’s just a well hamster droppings do not stink as much as cat dung. Apart from that Snowie has a run and a second floor on which it likes to stroll at moonlit nights and not just stroll but also do its wild nighttime frolics.


Snowie has a special place in my family. Sometimes I get to think my brother - a real larva and a pest too - lies lower in the hierarchy than Snowie. But that is all joking of course as that is my beloved brother and Snowie is only a rodent. My mother is yet another person to love Snowie a lot. Dad treats the hamster in a neutral kind of way. And the same time my mum bribes Snowie with delicacies to eat now or hide in its cheeks for later. Snowie repays the love by looking gorgeous and it sometimes gives us the pleasure of sticking its head out of its house in daytime which as we all know is not one of its habits.
But most importantly Snowie can be taken in your hands and it won’t bite, unless it changes it’s mind.

Iga, class I "G"


cristina said...

your pet is beautiful but I do not like this type of animals.

Laura¡! said...

I had a hamster that looks like yours very much but it dies.:(

It was called "Chip" and his girlfriend "Chop".

Bye!! Kisses!!