Friday, January 18, 2008

Magda Z. (I "g")

I have got a pet. His name' s Morus. Morusis 6 months old. He is St Bernard's dog. Morus is a big dog. He has got long hair. His hair is brown and white. Morus has got long legs and a short tail. He has got a very friendly face. His eyes are brown. My dog has got long brown ears.
Morus is a puppy that' s why he likes playing whith other dogs. Morus has got a best friend. His name' s Koda.
Morus loves eating. His favourite food is meat, but sometimes he likes eating Chappi.
My family and I love him very munch. He is like a member of our family, beause he is funny, cheerful and he has never let us down.

Magda Z., class I "G"


Lucy said...

I like your pet, It's very funny, I like the big dogs too!
what is chappi?

Anonymous said...

Hi!I'm Maria from Spain.
I like Morus very much he looks so funny and friendly.^^

I have a dog a few similar to yours, his name is Chico, but he is a Bouvier of Berna.Chico is black but despite this, I think they are so similar... :P

Write me soon a coment please!

Kisseeeeeees! bye! :D

cristina said...


Your pet is very beautiful¡¡
I've got a Bernard's dog too, but my is girl¡¡ :)

Tamara !¡* said...

Hello !¡*

Your dog is very nice ... I like ami.
Your dog must be very good! *

Bye...Bye !¡*

Aroa and Aitana said...


your pet is very beautiful
and he is same to my friend!!
The dog is very funny and Aitana and me like the big dogs.
The cousins of Aroa have got two dogs Xana and Leo and they are very faunny.

bye bye bye bye

Our class said...

Hello, Maria! I like dogs all. I try to imagine your dog. I think, that your dog is very beautiful and friendly also. I salute, Magda Z.