Friday, January 18, 2008

Ewelina (I "G")

I love pets! I`ve got a lovely dog, a guinea-pig and a hamster.

My dog`s name is Spike. He is young because he`s only 11 months. He is very smart, he knows what "Spike"means.....and much much more! He likes playing (with kids or my parents), eating (of course) and biting everything! He has got a basket but he doesn`t use it, he sleeps with my parents or with me because he likes hot places. Spike swims well (he proved it on holiday)but he doesn`t like it. He is black and white, he hasn`t got fur but HUMAN`S HAIR. We`re taking him to dog`s hairdresser once a month (but only in summer) he looks much much better after cutting...

My guinea-pig`s name is Lola. She is 1 year, she was born three dyas after my birthday. She is Peruvian. She has got long white fur, but in summer we cut it because it`s too hot for her. She is a "lady", she doesn`t like when someone touches her. She lives in her cage, but she has got always opened door. Sometimes she walks in the house but usually she sleeps at her home(cage). She is realy a good swimmer, but like my dog she hates it. Lola is may third guinea-pig and I am glad that I have her!

Her name is Gryzelda. She is the youngest...I took her from my school. She has got dark grey fur and big black eyes. She likes sleeping! She is realy funny. Her favourite food is chocolate or apples.

In the photo: my guinea-pig, Lola

Ewelina, class I"G"

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Anonymous said...

Hi!I'm Maria from Spain.

I have always wanted a Guinea-pig, tyhey look very very cute!I love them *_*

And Gryzelda looks very funny, I love this type of hamster..^^

Write me soon a coment
bye !! :PP