Friday, January 18, 2008

Olivia (I "G")

I am going to tell you about my little hamster.
My hamster is male, and his name is Pysio.
Pysio is a sweet and fat hamster which loves to sleep. He has a big, spacious coop. Whole days he sits in the boxes, which I make for him.
Pysio has got white hair/fur, and a characteristic stripe on the spine.
I love Pysio very much, and I adore playing with him. Together we make tummies and run at the flat. I think Pysio doesn't have a bad life. I try to cheer him up many times and I take care of him the best I can.


Olivia, class I "G"


Anonymous said...

Hi! i'm Paula. My hamster is white and has got a black spot on her back. He likes eating sun flowers seeds and running in her wheel.bye bye kiss

Hello! I'm Selene and my hamster is black and brown. She likes sleeping in her house.bye

olga 3ºA said...

Hello Olivia!!!
I like hamsters but my mother
doesn't let me have a hamster.
Bye Bye!!!

carlos said...

Helow.your foto is very funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Manuel from spain is the hamster of the photo an alien??
Bye bye