Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ewelina (1 "i")


I have got a small and gold fish.
It lives in a round aquarium.
In the aquarium there are grit and small and green plants.
I give it fish food and I change water every two weeks.

I like my fish, because it always brings me good luck.

Ewelina, class I "i"


Anonymous said...

Hello!!I´m Julia ,your fish is fantastic and very funny. I also have got a fish , but is small . By, by.

Anonymous said...

I had a fish 2 years ago, but my aquarium was bigger then yours. I had 3 kinds of fish. Small, big and one alageater. But my little, harmless alageater ate ALL my fish!! One day later it died.

TiGeR (Iga 1g)

zaniu said...

your fish is fantastic becuse is small and gold :D
"gold fish" :D