Friday, January 18, 2008

Piotr (1"g")

I have one pet in my house. His name is Focus and he's seven years old. I remember day, when my parents carried him to our house (probably in year 2001). He was very little then. Unfortunetly, I haven't got any photos from those beautiful times...
If we are on holidays he often plays... football with me and my dad! It's interesting, that he sometimes scores goals...
He is always hungry.
Sometimies he is very sweet, just like in this photo:

Piotr, class I "g"


P@ul@ & S€l€n€ said...

Hi! we are Paula and Selene. our dogs also play with us. Selene's dog( Lulu) likes swimming on the beach. My dog ( Willy) likes digging in the earth. Bye bye kiss

CRISTINA said...

Your dog is very beautiful, he must a sweet.

_GoToSleep_ said...


Ur dog is very fluffy and nice ;)

What is his name ?