Friday, January 18, 2008

Magda R. (3 "g")

I’m going to write about my dog - Bert.

He is 11 months old German Shepherd Dog. He is crazy and a bit foolish. My mum, thinks, that when he grows up he will be more clever. But I don’t think so;)

He is afraid of water, so it’s difficult to wash him :D Bert is a funny dog. He likes playing with his knot. Sometimes he steals our things like gloves, or a hat to run after him. He doesn’t understand that it isn’t funny for us.

In this winter, we hang some meat on the tree for Great Tits. Bert was sitting all day near this tree, and he was looking at the meat. We were laughing that he is a very big Great Tit :D

Some people are afraid of Bert. Please, look at the picture. Is he scary? I think no, but it is only my opinion.


Magda R., class III "G"


cristina said...

My dog does not have fear of water he likes bathing very much. she is very graceful.

Bruno said...

Hello your dog has got fear of water¡¡¡.My dog loves bathing in the river.

Adrian said...

Why hang some meat in the tree?

Pablo said...

Hi! I like your dog very much because he's very beautiful and he has a very nice stare!!

Lots of regards, Bye-bye

Anonymous said...

Hello , I´m Julia . Your dog is similar to my dog , but my dog love water , and when he see a river, he jump into the water. By, by.

meggy said...

In Poland there are some birds which like eat fat from meat. I don't know how can I explain it... In the winter this birds are hungry, so we hang meet on the trees to feed them.

Dominik 3g said...

I like your dog. He is beautiful and fantastic... :) Regards... xD

Anonymous said...

Bert fe ! ;) Your faourite saying ;) I like your dog but I don't like when he jump for joy ;)
Best wishes
Ola 3g