Friday, January 18, 2008

Karolina (3 "g")

My pet is a tiger, his name is Tygi.

He is five years old. Tygi is tall and slim .He has got a beautiful fur, small black eyes and a big pink nose.

Tygi eats gummy bears and chocolate (he loves it). Tiger's lifestyle is very healthy. He plays football, dances and eats fruit. (He hates fast food because it`s very dangerous for his health ).

Tygi loves to sleep on my bed and read my school books (He is very intelligent ).
He is a good friend for me.

Of course it's a joke. I haven't got a real animal :)

Karolina, class III "G"


alba said...

Hello Karolina!!
I like your comment about your pet. It's very fantastic and original!!
Do you sleep with your pet??
bye bye kisses...

ALBA 3B said...

Hello Karolina, your comment is very original and funny.Is it a real pet?

Tamara !¡* said...

Hello !¡*

jaja !¡*Your comentaria is very funny !¡* xD*

Bye...Bye !¡*

Anonymous said...

hi!!I love your picture very vey very much and I like very much the cartoons



Anonymous said...

hello!!I think that your description of Tygi is very funny.did you sleep with he??

Laura¡! said...

Hi!¡!¡How are you?

I like your pet very much because it must be very clean of course.

I also have a lot of pets like yours.

Bye kisses