Friday, January 18, 2008

Gabrysia (I"G")

I have always loved animals. My first pets were hamsters. My first hamster called Puszek put
wafers beside his home, just like books on the shelf. My second hamster called Mrynio was very messy.
And the third one is a female and her name is Tina.
But it's not over yet as for my pets. The most loved one is my dog - Molly. She is so beautiful and I love her very much. She turned one year recently, she was born on 24.08.2006.
I found an advertisement in the internet and my family and I loved her right away.
She joined our family in November. I remember that was on the day when it was "Domino Day 2006".
Molly is a wonderful dog. She likes playing with her balls. She is a very good runner. She is very smart and she knows a lot of tricks. I love taking photos of her. She looks as if she was smiling, doesn't she?

Gabrysia, class I "G"


Bruno said...

Hello your dog is very beautifull.bye

carlos said...

your pet is fantastis

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabrysia!
I'm Ana one Spanish student.
I think that your dog is very beautiful. I also think that your dog is always smiling when you take photos to her because she has a very nice face.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Manuel from spain and i think that your dog is very beautiful and his hair is so beautiful.bye bye

Anonymous said...

you have a very beatiful dog . I like it.

Anonymous said...


I never had got hamster but are very funny

I like very much your dog.



Anonymous said...

Wow ! Your dog is beautiful ! I want it ! ;)

Ola 3g