Friday, January 18, 2008

Kasia O. (I "g")

Hi everyone! :)
I will tell you about my dream pet. I want to have a dog very much but my mum unfortunately doesn't agree with it. As a matter of fact I had dogs but I was little and I don't remember them. Heh.. I recalled when my mum told me a story about my dog. I was 5 maybe 6 and I loved to play with my dog. It lied on a sofa and I went to my dog. I began to pull dog and to my mum surprise, it didn't even snarl :) Hmm... Later we had another dog. It was very unbearable because always digged up flowers. :(
Ok they are my memories about dogs but subject is: "my dream pet". So let's start ^^. My dog will be a labrador, husky or golden retriver. I like these breeds very much. They are sweet, beautiful and friendly. :) His name will be "Vega" but I don"t know why. :P
I hope my mum will agree with it at last.

Kasia O., class I"G"


OLGA3ºA said...

Hello Kasia!!!
I like your dog,it's beautiful.

laura 3ºb said...

your pet is beautiful and a sleepyhead but I'm sure that your dog is very active when he's awake.

Blanca said...

I'm Blanca
I love your dream pet
is very nice!!
I want a dog
but my mun dosn't want too
her name would be Gervasio!

Aroa said...

Hi!We are Aroa and Irene.We like your dog!It's very beautiful and calm!write soon!bye bye

Sergio said...

I don´t like washing my dog . Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog ;) I'm not surprised that you want it ;)
Ola 3g