Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Most of people in the world celebrate Christmas but it is very different in every country.
In my country, Spain, the person that gives the presents is not Santa Claus or Sant Nicolas, here we have three Kings to give us our presents “Los Reyes Magos” (The Three Wise Men ) this is one difference.
Another difference is this, in Spain, on the night of December 31st we celebrate the arrival of the new year in a different way:before midnight, we put twelve grapes in one bowl.When the clock starts to ring we eat one grape at a time with the 12 bell chimes. The tradition says that if you can eat the 12 grapes at the same time as the bells, you’ll have a very good new year. It’s very funny because some persons can’t eat all the grapes and they finish one or two minutes later than the others, and they can’t be the first ones to wish the others a good new year. After that, a lot of persons go out, to other celebrations. Other ppeople, like me, stay at home watching the TV, talking to our families… I’m really sure that one can think: The majority people in Spain are very happy this night and go to bed very late (others don’t go to the bed at all) because they drink and stay up on the streets or in parties all night long and they go back home at midday the following day.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


All I want for Christmas
I don’t usually do any especial thing. Every year I eat with all my family at my grandmother’s house. The last year I only ate with my parents, my brothers and my grandmother, and we all ate the grapes at 12 o’clock of the night. When we finish eating the grapes we call all the family to celebrate the new year.
Every year we ask for presents to the three Wise Men on the night of the 6th of January, and the next day we have the presents. This year I’m going to ask for a pair of shoes to go out with my friends.
My new years resolutions are winning more races and passing the third course of the school without any failed subject .
Merry Christmas and a good new year for everybody.


Hi!! How are you ?

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year . I always celebrate christmas at home with all my family , my parents , my grand-parents , my aunts , my uncles ...

I realy like christmas because it is the days of eating a lot of delicious food and having very good presents .

The nigth of new years eve is the best because all my family comes to my house and we have dinner and we play bingo (I always win XD) , we talk and talk until 4 or 5 in the morning . We also see the tipycal Spanish image of Ramon García and Ana Obregon or Anne Igartiburu on TV to show us the 12 bells of the new year . In my home we wager about what advertisement will be the last of that year and the first of the new year . I always take photos and photos of everything .

This weekend I was decorating the christmas tree , the ligths , and the nativity scene with my mother and my sister . It was funny !

But the best day of christmas is the 6 of january because this morning when I get up (very early ) I have a lot of presents in the living-room!! I love seeing the face of my parents when they open their present from my sister and me.

I have a lot more of things to talk about my christmas but I think that this is the most inportant .

The photo is my sister next to the christmas tree and Santa Claus on her shoulder .

I love christmas!!!

***laura*** ·3ºC

Monday, December 17, 2007


My Christians time

Christmas is a Christian celebration that rememberrs Jesus' birthday in Bethlehem. In my family we celebrate Christmas in my grandmother's house. At Christmas I play ith my cousins and my sister, we eat a lot of food because we dance and sing a lot, we play tricks all night long, and we always finish very tired. My cousins and I are doing the final countdown.
Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Michał F. (I "g")

My New Year's resolutions:

-less time in front of TV

-less time in front of computer

-more time spent on education

-more washing up

-help my niece

Michał, class I "G"

Monika (I "g")

Last Christmas was very nice. My family from all the world arrived to Lublin. I remember that many languages were spoken at my home. Aunt withuncle from France and big family from Czech and family form Poland of course. Ambience was pleasant. Everybody was in living roomon at
Christmas Eve. Conversations, kisses,hugging...everone was happy! We didn't remeber about sad stories and unpleasant things. Christmas tree was real ! I liked it because it gave nice feelings. Presents were the best !!! 12 dishes according to custom were good. My parents always prepare meals . I always help with Christmas cakes early. I hope that this Christmas will be nice, the same as other...

Monika, class I "G"

Justyna M. (I"g")


In Poland Christmas begins on 24th December but people prepare for this day very early because they love Christmas.

At first people prepare twelve Christmas dishes. Then they buy a Christmas tree and decorate its.

People decorate Christmas tree with Christmas balls, a chain and a Christmas star. When start a Christmas dinner the oldest man in family reads a passage from the Bible and next people shere the wafer. Then they eat beetroot soup with little 'ears' and other fantastic dishes. At the end of dinner people open and see their gifts and sing carols.

The second day of Christmas is called Christmas Day. They go to church and meet with friends and family. People eat a Christmas breakfast with family and sing carols and christmas songs.

I like Christmas because it is a very happy time.

Justyna M., class I "G"

Kasia (I"g")

All I want for Christmas is family and atmosphere at my home.

I like Christmas very much but I think when family aren't in love and attached everything is useless. All families in Poland have problems but Christmas is the time to reconcile and forgive all bad things. I know it is a banal idea but if all of us do it, Christmas will be special and amazing time.

I know it is special and amazing but not to the end. Unfortunately, family often imitate they don't have problems but often problems get back with double power after Christmas. Next are tears, ache and sorrow. For ones Christmas are happy time but unfortunately for another ones sad. They inform what people are like. Maybe it's good. I hope that only a few people are sad at Christmas. As far as I am concerned I like Christmas. I think we (people) need some days to wonder over life. I try not to waste this time. I know I am not an angel at home but sometimes some people don't value who I am.

I think this Christmas will be exceptional. I hope. I should hope. I have to hope.

Kasia O., class I "G"

Magda Z. (I "g")

All I want for Christmas:

- snow (obligatory);

- visit my aunt, she lives in Germany;

- visit my younger cousin;

- get a cute puppy dog;

- get too many present;

- a Christmas tree;

- have happiness, a bit of luck at Christmas;

- get a boyfriend (only for me);

- meet my friends.

Magda Z., class I "G"

Asia B. (I "g")

Last Christmas was cool. All my family came to my home.

There was a lot of noise and it was so packed! But I love, when there is something going on at my home. I don't like when it’s quiet. At my home there were my aunt, uncle, their children - little Ania and her older brother Patryk (Grr.. he's not a nice kid!) My grandma was too. All family from lots of places that I never know about their existence. My table was labouring under one hundred gifts, my miserable Christmas tree was filliping, touching, its twigs were picking out. I love children! (when they are asleep). It wasn't the only problem... My step-father bought a carp, and it was swimming in my bath... Nobody wanted to kill it ;( I was crying, and they let him go to the lake :D We had to buy a new fish, but this time it was dead ;p My mum was cooking 2 days for this ravenous herd. There were cheesecakes, carps, a vase of borsch and lots of things that nobody likes... But my mum was very tired after this cooking marathon....

I didn't know, that children could be so much tiring... They were having a brilliant fun! They tied me, and were running around me...I was very nervous and I wanted them to go away. After all day, that I spend with them I snared on my bed and I slept all night. But positive.. !!! Gifts were so cute. Children threw themselves on them like a ravenous animals...
But my Christmas was very good... I will never forget it. :)

Asia B., class I „G”

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In Spain there are some traditions. Here we celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. On Christmas Eve the family meets us and we have dinner. The next day we open the presents that Father Christmas left us. On New Year's Eve we eat Spanish nougat and the typical "wolverines". The family is very happy because they are all together. At 12 pm, when the bells ring, we eat 12 grapes (it is a tradition).

On January 6th there are presents but Father Christmas doesn't bring them. The Three Kings are the ones who do that work that day.

In all these celebrations we drink champagne or cider.

We all have a nice time all these days but it passes so fast, that I wish there were more holidays.

My New Year's Resolution:

I'm going to try to be less bossy.



At Christmas I go to Madrid with my family. We are in Madrid five days. My family and I celebrate Christmas Eve in Madrid and New Year's Eve in Asturias.

The presents that I want are comtact lenses, clothes, CDs and money.

For the New Year I want to study more. That's my resolution.

Happy Christmas!!!

Tamara 3ºC

In Spain Christmas is fantastic, because the family is together! On December 24th is when we have dinner with the family and Santa Claus comes with the presents! =)! * And on Christmas Day we open the presents! Then to finish the year on 31st we get together again the whole family together for dinner and we eat grapes! At 12 o'clock in the evening when the bells ring we eat 12 grapes for good luck! Also there are more things that bring good luck, for example to wear red! What traditions do you have?

In 2008 I promise to study more! XD! *



In Spain Christmas is very funny. We celebrate with family. There are 3 very special days. On Christmas Eve, the family gathers for dinner. On New Year’s Eve, there is a special dinner, andat 12 o'clock in the evening we eat the typical Spanish grapes just when he clock strikes 12 and the New Year begins. Then, 6 days later another important holiday is the Three Kings’ Day. It is a Spanish tradition. The Kings come at night to the house and they leave you gifts. They are called Gaspar, Melchior and Baltazar.

My New Year's Resolution:

In 2008 I am going to pass all my subjects at school.



I like christmas because all the familie meet in my grandparents’ house to have lunch on Christmas Day.
I like it because I buy my presents and I have all that I want
for christmas.In my house we put a small tree and we decorate it.
It is very funny ,and all the house is decorated.
For next year I’m going to train atlethics very much and
study harder .Merry Christmas bye bye.


At Christmas my family and I meet all at my house to celebrate the Christmas eve,
the new year’s eve and the new year.
On New Year’s Eve, my brother and I always fight with the grapes, to see who is the first to finish them all. He always wins, and I always end choking…

We never decorate a Christmas tree because my parents don’t like it very much, but at Christmas time, usually after the 13th of December (because it is my brother’s birthday) we decorate the house a little and we put a big and beautiful Nativity Scene which is made with real moss and a lot of other things. In the Nativity scene, the Three Wise Men walk a bit forward, and on Christmas day they arrive to the crib.

My favourite Christmas day is the 6th, because in my house Father Christmas is not celebrated, so we only wait for The Three Wise Men’s presents.

Here it is a funny(I think :D) Christmas card of my former dog,

BYEEE!^^ and..

Happy Chrsitmaaaaaaas!!*

Monday, December 10, 2007


My Christmas Holidays

*I celebrate it on 24th December, when the sun goes down my family and I go for a walk. When we come back we sing and have dinner. After that we open the presents and watch the Christmas tree. Then we study the presents and at eleven o’clock we go to bed.

*This year I think my brother wants to give me a computer game, my father a rug and my mother, I don’t know.

*After Christmas my father’s brother's family will come to my house, I’m really happy.

*Next year I think I’m going to buy a motorbike


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

At Christmas I have many presents. I go to visit my family and we have dinner together to celebrate the New Year. At 12 o'clock we eat 12 grapes. After the grapes I go out with my friends.

My New Year's Resolution:

I'm going to study harder.

Cristina 3ºA

I like Christmas.

I celebrate Christmas on 24th December. I eat with my family.

On December 31st I eat grapes with my family when the bells ring.

My best present is a computer game I wanted four years ago. This year I want to have a new mobile phone.

My New Year's Resolution is to be happier!!!!!!


This Christmas I'm going to visit my family. We decorate our houses with pretty decorations. On New Year's Eve my family has dinner together. At twelve o'clock we eat grapes and make a wish for the New Year. The best present I have is the PlayStation 2.

My New Year's Resolution is to be a good person.

Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I love Christmas. I like the party on New Year's Eve, going shopping, the presents...

At Christmas I meet with my family and my boyfriend.

We have a tradition in Spain: On 31st December we eat 12 grapes when the bells ring.

On January 5th the Three Kings come with presents. The next day we open the presents and we watch the Christmas Tree.

This year I want to have a quad.

My New Year's Resolution:

I'm going to get good grades.

Alba 3ºA

My plan for Christmas Holidays is to stay at home with my family and celebrate with my family and friends.

My mother cooks on Christmas Eve. We eat appetizers, shellfish soup, garnished meat with potatoes, two kinds of salad, and a cake. Seven people come to the party: my mother, my father, my brother, my grandparents, my uncle and me.

On New Year's Eve we raise a glass and drink a toast to the New Year.

My New Year's Resolution:

In 2008 I'm going to finish school. Cheers!!!!


My christmas
In my country Christmas are special:
First we decorate the house with a Christmas tree and a Nativity Scene.
In my village we also decorate a garden that is in yhe
Centre of my village. This year in my village all the neighbours will participate in a live Vativity Scene.
On 2th of December we have diner in my house with
my family, and next day I eat in my aunt’s house with
my family.
On 31st of December I have diner in my house with my family, we
eat the popular grapes and we think of the New Year’s Resolutions: this
year my new year resolution is studying a lot and playing volleyball better.
Next day we eat in my grandparents’.

This is a photo of Santa climbing up my bedroom.

Then the children start looking forward to the Twelfth Night, because in Spain
there isn’t a santa claus, in spain we heve The Three Wise Men ( reyes magos) and they come
on 6th January.

I love the Christmas because they are very funny and because we have no school.



Hello, I’m Blanca; this photo is a Nativity Scene.
Every year on Christmas day my family go to my grandparents’ house and
have a big lunch! This is very nice!!
On 31st of December all my family go to my house and
We have a big dinner. Then my parents, my cousins and my aunt
go out to other parties, but I can’tL.
For New Year I want three things,
.I want to pass all my exams
.I want the ThreeWise Men to give me lots of presents
.And a special book, ECLIPSE.
Bye kisses



In my family we have all these traditions.

This year on Christmas Eve we are going to Lieres to have dinner withall the family . On that day my aunt gives us a present , and we also give a present to my aunt.

This year we are going to eat soup and meat .

On new year`s Eve we are going to meet in Cardes to have dinner and we are going to sleep there .

That night we are going to eat 12 grapes and after that my parents are going to go aut and all my cousins and I will sleep with my grandparents.



I’m going to talk about how I celebrate my Christmas. At Christmas I go to a place in León (Vega de Monasterio) and visit my grandmother and my cousins. I meet my friends there.
Some times I stay in Infiesto on 25th of December but then I go to Vega.
The Twelfth Night Eve we go to a place near Vega, it’s called Cistierna.
In Cistierna we see the “Twelfth Night Parade” with a live Nativity scene.
Last year my cousin Lidia was “Jesus baby” and many people took photos of her.
The morning of”The 3 Wise Men” we open our presents, say good bye to our friends and go back to Infiesto.
We also play with the snow and make snowman figures (in Vega, because in Infiesto only snow little times)
I like Christmas!!


-In the picture the t-shirt of the San Silvestre


Every Christmas Day I go to Madrid.
This year I go to Madrid as every year but think that it will be different because before dinner, my cousins and I are going to run “la san Silvestre vallecana” it is a very popular race in Madrid because every year about 25000 people go running.
I love this race, it is very funny and the distance is 10 kilometres.,Everybody wear the same t-shirt. The last San Silvestre’s Tshirt said "¿Sufres más cuando corres o cuando no sales a correr? in English is –Do you really suffer more when you go running or when you do not go running?
When we finish the race we wait for the prizes and the famous people.
Later, we go home and meet the whole family for dinner.
We dine watching TV to see bells of New Year and their peculiar chime.
Every new year we eat 12 grapes and see the bells show all together.
When the bells finish we set the clock for the new year and dance, play…
We also visit the neighbours and drink champagne with them.
We usually go to the bed about 7 in the morning and we sleep for a lot of hours.
Spending New Year’s Eve in my grandmother’s house is very funny and we never get bored. We always celebrate Christmas time in Madrid.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tamara 3ºA

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Hello, I love Christmas. I like the presents, the party on New Year's Eve, going shopping…

I meet my family at Christmas. We have a tradition in Spain: when the bells ring 12 o'clock at the end of the year, we eat 12 grapes.
The best present that I have ever had was a doll that ate porridge.
This year I want a computer game.

My New Year's resolution:

I'm going to get better grades


Merry Christmas!

In Spain we celebrate Christmas on 25th December. On Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) is when all the family meets to have supper, and that same night is when Santa Claus comes to bring the Christmas presents. There are people who don't usually celebrate Santa Claus but others do. Later is New Year's Eve (Noche Vieja), when the New Year is celebrated with family and friends.

January 6th is the Three Kings' Day. They bring presents for everybody and we eat a special cake (Roscón de Reyes). In Spain we celebrate the Three Kings' Day more than Santa Claus, he is more popular in the UK.

Christmas for small children is wonderful because Santa Claus and the Three Kings are real characters for them.

My New Year's Resolution:

I'm going to study more and save money to buy a horse.

Alba 3ºB

My plans for Christmas holiday are to celebrate Christmas with my family and visit my grandparents.
A tradition in my family is to set up the Christmas tree and decorate my house.
For the New Year my resolution is to pass my exams.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It's my dog.


Hello my friends! How do you celebrate Christmas in your country? In Spain Christmas starts with an important lottery draw on December 22nd. After that we all get together on Christmas Eve, on December 24th. It's a family dinner. My family usually eat prawns, turkey and "turrón" (nougat).

Many people like playing jokes on December 28th, it's Inocent Day.

On New Year's Eve I have a a party at home. Later on 5th January is the Twelgth Night procession and on January 6th children open their presents. On this day Christmas finishes. My favourite present last year was a mobile phone.

My New Year's resolutions:

In 2008 I'm going to buy a motorbike and I'm going to visit my cousin David.I haven't seen him since last year.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Adriana (3 "g")

My room

My room is big and cosy. The walls are yeellow and there is wallpaper with ducks. On the window sill there are flowers and an alarm clock. On the windows there are yellow blinds and curtains. Opposite the window there is a chair and a desk on which I do my homework and sometimes I study ;)

On the desk there is my mobile phone and a lot of books. Under the desk there is a dustbin. In the box there are my toys. The next is a bookcase. My class photo is on the shelf.

On the walls there are photos and pictures. Near there is a chest of drawers. On the ceiling there is a lamp. Next to the desk there is my bed with caladon bedspread. On the bed there are pillows, toys and my cat which is sleeping.

Near the bed there is a wicker, yellow chair. Opposite my bed there is a wardrobe. In the wardrobe there is my cat's home. She often sleeps there. On the floor there is my favourite rug.

I tkink that my room is beautiful and I love it.

Adriana, class III "g"

Kasia (3 "g")

My room is a rectangle. It is very small but I am happy because it is only mine.

In my room there is a window with a view of a playground.

On the right side of the door there is a bookshelf and next to it a desk with a computer. Opposite the door there is the second bookshelf with books, hi-fi, there is also a wardrobe with my clothes and souvenirs. On the left there is my bed and two plants on the wall. The bookshelves and the desk are brown, the chair is black.
The carpet and bed are green.

Kasia Ch., class III "g"

Sylwia K. (3 "g")

My room has an average size.

The walls and ceiling have apricot colour. On the door I sticked old newspapers as I don't want "them" to spy on me ;)

By the door a small chest of drawers, in which I keep my treasures, is situated. Then a bookcase and a radio, also a desk and a computer. Besides there is my bed and a shelf hangs there .

A wardrobe neighbours with my bed. There is always mess. My favorite element in room is the wall with pictures (which is not visible in the photo). The pictures represent different odd situations from my life =p.

Generally I like my room very much. I adore altering different things in it, to move the pieces of furniture, to alter pictures, etc.

This is my room. The colours were changed.

Sylwia K., class III "g"

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Karolina (3 "g")

My room is big and beautiful. I love my room because it is mine and only mine !!!

The walls are green. There are four pictures presenting the Alps. On Northern wall there is a bookcase and a desk with a computer . My bed is next to Southern wall. There is also a small green lamp. The window is opposite the door . On window sill there are two cactuses: Martin and Gregory. I can see a field from my window .
In my room there are many teddy bears and books.

It is my room. My favourite place in the world !!!

Karolina M., class III "G"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Agnieszka D. (I "i")

In my room there are two pictures and five plants. My room is medium-sized. There is a yellow carpet and a bookcase. The walls are green. On a windowsill there is my computer. On my desk there is a lamp. In my room there is a yellow bed. I keep my clothes in a wardrobe. In my chest of drawers there are my socks and other things. In my room there is also a chandelier and a clock.
Outside my window you can see a playground for children. Opposite you can see some blocks of flats and trees. In the playground there are two swings, two slides, three merry-go-rounds and three ladders.

Agnieszka D., class I 'I"


I love my room!
On a white door you can see some posters and cards with animals.
To the right side of my bed there is my beloved mascot: "The Pink Panther".
Behind the bed there is the small cupboard on which you can find some statuettes of little dogs. There is also a little lamp, an alarm clock and a vase with flowers.
On the left there is a brown shelf and a little calendar. There is also a brown armchair and a vase. Besides, you can see a pink jewellery box, the other armchair, a black chest of drawers.
A television set is situated on the window sill where there are also some plants.
That's what my bedroom looks like.

Kinga, class I "i"

Agnieszka J. (I "i")

Outside my window you can see some trees and and yellow houses. People walk with dogs there. In winter children ride downhill their sledges. Oh! I forgot, you can see a road where cars pass by as well. Also the most beautiful sunsets.
And that's all.

Agnieszka J., class I "i"

Kasia D. (I "i")

My room is not big and it is not small either.
On the right there are five wardrobes. On the left there is a desk. Behind the desk there is a bed. In front of the desk there is an armchair.
The carpet is on the floor.

Kasia D., class I "i"

Ewelina (I"i")

My room is medium-sized.
There is some furniture: a desk, a chair and a rocking armchair.

On the shelf there are some toys, books and cosmetics.
My rug and walls are yellow.On the wall there is a cork board. On the window sill there are some plants in flowerpots.

Ewelina, class I "i"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rafał S. (3 "g")

My bedroom is big and very colourful.

I have a desk. On the desk there is a computer. I have a TV too. Its screen has 12 inches. In my room there are two beds and one wardrobe. The wallpaper in my room is yellow. On the wall you can see two photos: me and my brother.

Above my bed there is a shelf. My door is decorated with stickers.

Rafał S., class III "g"

Piotr (3"g")

My room is very small, just a few square metres. It's my favourite place in the world. It's cosy and very groovy.

When you enter my room, there is a big mirror on the door. I put a big and old carpet on the floor. It's cool. On the left there is my big bed. However...I don't like it at all.

In the right corner of the room, near the door, there are two wardrobes. Their colour is horrible - purple. On the ceiling there is a lamp with three bulbs. Behind the wardrobes there is the most important thing in my house - my COMPUTER.

On the wall, behind the computer, there is a window. I can see the church from my window. I love this view. :) Above the computer there is a keyboard with a mouse and a monitor.

Near the computer there is a CD player and many cables. Between the desk (with my computer) and the bed there is my comfortable chair where I spend hours every day.

Piotr, class III "g"

Michał (3"g")

My room is big and crowded.

There is a big bed, a long wardrobe and a wide desk. In the centre there is a beautiful checked carpet. My favourite spot is a place where a TV and my computer are situated.

My room is not nice because it is messy. I hate cleaning, as it is boring and tedious.

My room is very sunny because I have a big window.

Michał, class III "g"

Paweł J. (3g)

My room is small. 5 square meters maximum I think. It's cozy and I like to be in it so much.

I have white walls but but I want to have orange colour on them. There is a bookcase with a bed and and a desk wiith a computer. I have a small lamp on the desk too. In my room I have 5 plants.

In my bookcase I have a lot of books but they are not mine. They belong to my sister and I am the owner of this room after her.

The view from my window is very beautiful. I can see a parking lot, a clearing a house and some elements of old army teritory.

In summer and spring I can see beautiful sunsets.

Paweł J., class III "g"

Łukasz R. (3g)

My bedroom is small.

There is a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a bookcase. In my bedroom there is a TV and a cork notice board.

I have one plant. On the wall there is one picture. Between the door frames there is a gymnastic stick. On the table there is a computer.

Łukasz R., class III "g"

Paweł K. (3 g)

My bedroom is huge.

In my bedroom there is a big bed and a desk. On the floor there is a colourful carpet.

The walls are blue. There is a small angel on the wall. There are also three pictures presenting people eating apples.

On the desk there is a lamp and a computer. Through the window I can see my school.

My bedroom is beautiful.

My drawing:

Paweł K., class III g

Monday, December 3, 2007

Kasia (I "g")

I think my room is very nice and cool.

It isn't very big but not very small either. It's exactly what I dreamt about. It has green walls. :) I like this colour but I will change all my room because I need change :) Like all girls and women I think :) OK, but I have to describe my present room. So let's start ;)
In my room you can see a wardrobe where I put all of my clothes. In it there is always mess :P Besides, you can see two other wardrobes :) I have three of them but I always don't know what to wear ;) like all women :) OK, in my room there is also a desk. On it is always mess too and it could be the reason why my mum doesn't like it. I have a bed and bookshelfes. I have many books but I haven't got enough time to read them.

All of my furniture is white and green. I have a carpet, of course green. :D

I love my room! I will laugh or cry in its and nobody can break my space. :)

The photo of my room:

Kasia, class I "g"

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ola (3 g)


I share my room with my mother. That isn't comfortable, especially when I want to invite my friends. Then my mother must go out.

My room isn't very big. The walls are yellow - a beautiful colour.

In my room there are many things. For example: two beds, a desk with my computer, two armchairs etc. My home place is cosy. My bookcase and desk are interconnected. I often sit at the desk. the bookcase separates the part of room of my mother and my part of room.

Next to my desk my bed stands. It is big and very comfortable. In winter I can get my feet warm because my bed is next to radiator.

The big plus of my room is the presence of TV set. I can watch everything any time. I forgot to add that in my room there are a lot of plants, especially ferns.

That is my part of room.

Ola M., class III "g"

Friday, November 30, 2007

Magda L. (I "i")

My room

My room isn't very big. The walls are pink. In my room there are two beds, two wardrobes, one desk and one bookcase.
I live in my room with my brother.

My bed is red and very comfortable. On my window sill there are my cosmetics and posters.

I like my room!

Magda L., class I "i"



Outside my window you can see a small street, some shops: a supermarket, a greengrocer's and a market.

My drawing:

Beata, class I "i"

Magda S. (I "i")


My room is medium-sized. I share it with my sister.

The walls are green. The desk is between the green beds, opposite the wardrobe with a TV set.
The big carpet is also green. I have six plants on the window sill. On the desk there is a computer.

The photo of my room:

Magda S., class I "i"