Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Agata, 3 e

This situation happened when I was 6-7 years old. My great-grandmother died two months before that.
I was sitting in my room at our new home, where we had moved in a few months before. My parents were in the kitchen and they were busy preparing dinner. I was listening to music on my CD-player. Suddenly I felt stuffy in my lungs. I stood up very quickly and looked around. In a few moments I thought I had died because I could see my great-grandmother who had died two months ago. I couldn't stop looking at her. In spite of dying at the age of 89 she looked beautiful. She looked like a 25 year old woman.
I also heard a strange, peaceful song. My great-grandmother was dancing with my great-grandfather, who had died before I was born. They were so happy.
I felt so peaceful. I knew that she had found peace.
I don't know how this could have happened. But after that I stopped feeling worried because of her death.
After that I believe that nothing is impossible.

Agata, class III "e"


Anonymous said...

Hi!!I'm Maria, from Spain.

A beautiful story, but a few complicated to believe...

I like your photo, it's great ^^



blanca said...

I'm Blanca
well...your story is
very scary!
ByeBye kiss

olga3A said...

Hello Agata!!!
Your story is incredible and is frightening and your photo is fantastic.

alba 3a said...

Hello Agata!!
Your story is incredible!!
But it is frightening!!
Your photo is beautiful!!
Why did you not tell your parents about it?
bye bye kisses...