Friday, February 1, 2008



I went to " Los prados ", a shopping centre, to see " Aliens VS Predator ", a fabulous film. I went to Los Prados with my friends Alba , Ale and Circe. First we bought clothes in a shop called "Pull&Bear ". After that we went to buy tickets for the film. We bought popcorn and coke for the film. While we were going to the toilet, Alejandra fell on the floor and we had to go to the train station to take her to the hospital.


Our class said...

OMG!That`s fantastic!

I love shopping center :D

And cinemas ...

Is on this photo a logo of carrefour?

I am going to carrefour tomorrow and tomorrow is SATURDAY(huraaa!)

:D I think you had great weekend ;p

meggy said...

Is she ok now? That must be really scary experience.

Anonymous said...

victor!!how are you??I am sara xDD

very interesting and funny your history xDD

write soon please!!

Anonymous said...

On left i see "caerfur" in poland caerfur is too

Justyna F. 1G

Anonymous said...

Hyhyhy ;p;p

Uuuu :/ she go to hospital... ;/

Sad... :(

Ahh.. ;p

I love shopping centres, shopping and meet with my friends.. Ooo of course I love cinemas xD

Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig