Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Iga (Tiger), 1g

It was at 25/26 May 2007. It was the day of my two-day-trip to Czorsztyn with class from primary school - 6c xD. With us went our biology teacher ( Mrs. Grażyna), our class tutor
( Mrs. Magda ) and Kacper’s ( my best friend xD ) dad. Mr. Białota ( It is the Kacper’s surname xD) is a very nice men :-). Ok, ok… enough about my friend’s dad! xD
We came in the bus and stirred. The time of the way to our center wasn’t very long, because everyone sang songs and played “Flirt” ( card game xD ).
When we arrived at once the owner of the center assigned us the rooms. I was in room for four persons with Magda, Kinga and Baśka (They are my friends. :D In reality Baśka is named Caroline. Once we performed TV series “Kryminalni” and she was Baśka. :-) From that time we called her Baśka. ) We left our luggage and went to canteen for the dinner. Next we went to small meadow near our center. There we played football, volleyball and rugby. Our teachers and Mr. Białota were sunbathing! :D But it isn’t the end of this story…
…OH NO!!
When it got dark we came back to center for the bonfire. We were baking the sausages and eating them witch bread, ketchup, mustard and drinking hot tea. We came back to our rooms. I and my girls ( xD) were very bored. So, we went to our class-boys! We were sitting on their beds and laughing very loud. In the last moment Mrs. Magda came to boys’ room and… GAVE GIRLS A SCOLDING!! We had to come back to our room. We were very sad. And suddenly, boys droppped in our room!! We were talking till midnight.
The next day we went on a looong trip. We went on foot to very famous Czorsztyn’s castle. I have been there so many times and I was a guide of our trip. xD Next we drove to Niedzica to second castle. And here we were buying a keepsakes. One hour later we started to tour the Niedzica’s castle. After that we came back. :(

Two minuses of that trip:
ONE: I got sunburnt :/
TWO: I lost my voice! Calmly! Calmly! xD I regained it two days later.



Iga, class I "g"

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Hahahaha very nice story ;DD

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