Friday, February 8, 2008



One day I was playing a football match in Sevares, when my brother and my uncle came to see me. I was very happy so I wanted to play well, but the game became bad. The other players played football very well and we didn't have luck. We lost the match and I was very sad.


Anonymous said...

i like footbal and footbal player.
you are wery well than your footbal club ;*

i like you

Magda L. 1i

Dominik 3g said...

I like footbal. :) Fine history... Best wishes... xD

Ola3g said...

I don't like football but you story is intersting ;)
best wishes

adriana3G said...

Fine history ;) I don't like football :p Are you a good football player ? :D
bye ;)

Anonymous said...

i like football, but i prefer watching than playing. nice

Kasia,3g said...

This history is very interesting;)I don't like football:( Bye

Anonymous said...

I know to football player winning in game is very important but you can't fell sad.... :* :)

In our life not everything always are good :)

Life is brutal :)

Best wishes :*:*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

I like football
Don't worry be happy

Pawel Ig