Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pablo Sigüenza

My experience was this: One day I was cycling with Minuto by an old and dirty mountain road. We were cycling as usual, we were laughing and talking about cars and this man's things... We were cycling up the mountain for two hours, but we didn't control the time because we were very happy and entertained. We arrived at the upper part of the road and we had lunch there. When we began to go back home, the sun started to fall down and we didn't see a lot. We went cyicling down the hill like a F1, but in a very closed bend I found a savage pig!!! I was very a frightened and I was alone too, because I was faster than Minuto. I climbed up a tree and I stayed there for 10 minutes. When Minuto arrived, he put the bicycle on the ditch and called me to help him to scare away the savage pig. We tried to scare it with some woods, but the pig looked at us in a very strange stare and we scaped on our bicycles, but the savage pig started to pursue us!! We cycled as fast as we could and we went back home safe, but with a lot of wounds.


Anonymous said...


Is a very interesting experience and I hope that is very frightened too.

Anonymous said...

What fear!!!

very funny your history.xDD

wtite soon!!other day I write more


Anonymous said...

I'm Manuel.I think that is a very interesting story.How tall was the tree that you climbed?

meggy said...

Ha ha, a monster savage pig:D That seems funny, but I think that wasn't funny to you. Am I right?

Rafał Szewczyk IIIG said...

pig was scare too,maybe she start scaped in the same way as you

ola3g said...

That terryfying story. I pity of you ..
best wishes ;)

Anonymous said...

Ehhh... ;p

terrific story ;p

Best wishes :*

Kasia Ig

Lucy said...


Very funny your history¡¡¡¡