Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Karolina Sk. and Diana, class 2g, Poland

Famine in the world....

Famine is one of the biggest problem. Mostly, this problem concerns Africa. More than half people are hungry there (10.000 people). They haven't got money for food and medicines.

People who are 15 years old, for this problem, they can organize collection; money, clothes and food.

We must HELP them, because we can be hungry in the future too.


Paula 4A said...

They are afraid because they are many people whith this problem in the world.
I agree with you.

Sara,3ºC said...


I agree with you,I think that hunger in the world shouldn´t exist now.

The photo is very very interesting.

Good bye

CarolineFromPolnad said...

This children is poor...:(

Yes...Photo is very pretty...

Bye Bye :)