Friday, November 21, 2008

Alba Andrade 4ºA Spain

I’m going to write about the hunger in the world, because it is a very important problem for many people.
In many places there are people with hunger, because they haven’t got enough food. The consequences are very sad: for example the death of innocent people. In my opinion there isn’t a guilty for this problem. For me it is a matter of luck.
It is very sad to see hungry childrens on the TV. You can help them with a little money. This way you can get a better word.


Cristina Avila 4º said...


Your comment is very sad, because also people haven't got money for life :(


patri_mes said...

you photo is very dramatic,it is the reality , there are problems in reality.

bye bye......kiss

Marian (Portugal) said...

This image shows so you have a big heart ....
must be a good person to have this image

kisses, Marian (Portugal)

susana (Portugal) said...

This picture shows that a person is spectacular, I wish to meet you ...
I think all people should be like you.
susana kisses (Portugal)