Thursday, November 20, 2008

Iván 3ºA Spain

Global Warming

The global warming in the world means that we have higher temperatures. The scientists think that the Artic and the Antarctic are going to defrost. The water level goes up in the world. Maybe many islands and other lands will disappear under the water. Pollution causes the greenhouse effect. It makes the temperatures go up. All the people will live with these natural disasters.


Kolja 4ºA said...


I think youre opinion is Ok but I'm freezing now!!!

The photo is really nice and it's a real problem.

TAMARA said...

I like the photo bat don't like the situation in this that. XXX

lucia m. said...


Beautifull foto..)
very nice:)

I am agree with you..


alberto said...

Hi Ivan.I agree with you.I think is a very serious problem and the photo is very nice.

patri_mes said...

ehhhhhhhh.. ivan:::h......
you photo is very beautifull

the photo is really nice and it's a real problem...
bye bye