Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Valantis P.,class c2, Greece

Why are the rivers polluted?

The rivers are polluted because the industries prefer to drop litter in
The rivers rather that investing money on bugging filters specialized in protecting the environment. I think that governments should impose towards every industry environmental vales that should be respected and followed.

What can we do in our homes to save the environment?

We can be more organized in recycling Material that we do not need such as aluminum and glass. We can also buy that are friendly towards the environment and can be recycled. Also we can be more considerate every time we use water and electric v power.

What can schools do in order to reduce environmental pollution?

Teachers and generally the educational system should encourage students to plant lowers and trees in their school and take care to them. They should also go on educational excursions and plant trees in the forest. Also respect towards the animals is an issue that should be raised in schools because many animals nowadays are neatened by human race.

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