Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ola Z., class 1b, Poland

The big problem is a destruction of rainforests and killing animals for their skin, horns, fins and tusks. People destroy natural habitats of many species and it often causes the extinction of some animals. There are charity organizations like WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) in which people protect endangered species. WWF started in Britain in 1961 but now it is active in many another countries for example in Poland. Polish WWF protect bears from the Tatra Mountains and everyone who wants to help can give money for this aim.
* In some countries, people use rhino horn for medicine.
* There are only 1500 Asian horses left in the world.
* There are 3000 wild rhinos in the world, and 200 in zoos.


Tamara 4ºA said...

I think you're right because I like animals and I hate people killing them.They cannot defend themselves. XXX

Paula 4A said...

I think you are right because there is an important problem for the world!
Its cruel for the animals.
Their ecosistem is destroy.

laura.. said...

I agree whith you.
the animals is very important
and interesting..I like your photo..

KarolajnaPOLAND said...

Hey :)
Your post is nice...

pozdr ;*

Goldilocks said...

Wow, 1500 Asian horses left? Paulina W. would be... I don't know, dead, if she'd read this!