Friday, November 21, 2008

Paula Criado 4a Spain

Fires are one of the most important problems in the world. Fires start when someone leave something made of glass in the forest. The fire can destroy everything and the plants and animals that live in the forest die. Every year thousands of hectareas burn in fires. To solve the situation you must never throw out anything of the car nothing of rubbish or when you go on a picnic. you never forget the scraps in the forest. Together we can keep the world green!


Kolja 4ºA said...


The fire can begin when someone put fire to it, that's what happens near my house.

But I agree with you.

lucia said...

hi Paula,=)

Your post is very interesting.
the animals are left homeless.
I like our world to be green¡=)
I don't like the people that
throw the rubbish.

Gracia 3B said...

I'm agree with you I think that the fires are the worst things for the fores and for the Earth because it exterminated a lot of species and the trees are very important because they produce a lot of oxygen.