Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rafał S., 3 g

I went for a walk with my dog. It happened in the evening. Misiek was running around me, he was having a good time. Suddenly something started moving in the grass.
Misiek wanted to check what it was and came closer. Wen he was very close, something from the grass jumped straight on him. It was a frog. Misiek was shocked. He was so frightend that he fainted. Then I was afraid. I started to wake him up, after about 30 seconds he was ok. Uffff.... Now I'm laughing but then... :/

Rafał S., class III "g"


Victor said...

What a shock!

your pet is very intelligent!


Tamara...* said...


Surely you had a bad time you are lucky nothing happened to your dog

lucia said...

haha what happened with the frog?
whar a fright¡¡

Michał 3"g" said...

funny story. I thought that dogs can`t get faint :-) But I think your dog is different and very unusuall. I wonder how big that frog was??? But, seriously, very nice story.

adriana 3G said...

what a nice dog ! beauty ;)
It was frog ? hehe :p very interesting... xD
kisses =**

Piotrek 3g said...

wow, FROG is really scary :P You're a breave man, my friend :D Congratulations :D