Saturday, March 22, 2008

Magda P., 3 E

What should be in Easter basket?
For sure:
-piece of bread - its a symbol 'the bread, which tread of the sky'-
Jesus. It's the most important thing in Easter basket. All religion is
founded on the bread;
-Easter lamb- its a symbol of Wake Jesus and also the humility and
-meat and cured meats - its a symbol of family wealth and rich;
-salt - its a symbol which keep us away from bad(chroni od zepsucia) and
has got a cleaning property;
-pepper - its a symbol of hard, slavish work which been pursue by Jews
in Egypt (they then eat pepper with sauce and paschal baa-lamb);
-horse-radish - symbol of bitterness Lord's pang(gorycz męki pańskiej);
and the most important - eggs - its a regeneration symbol.

Wesołych świąt Wielkanocnych for all Spanish people!

Magda P., class III "E"


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The photo is very interesting......the rabbits are very nice...beautiful....

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carlos said...

Hellow.I like very much your photo.

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