Monday, March 31, 2008

Maciej, 1g

Easter in Poland
At this time we have very special meals. We eat a lots of eggs. I like eggs very much, so I'm happy, when Easter comes. Before Easter we can't eat any meat. On the second day of Easter we have "Wet Monday". All children are very wet and it's really fun. We have also a day named "Prima Aprillis". On this day we make jokes.
I like Easter time!

Maciej, IG


Anonymous said...

I'm Axo
How are you?
I don't like eggs very much....:(
In spain we don't eat a lot of eggs.

Anonymous said...


I'm Paula...

I like easter eggs...

beautifull chicken...=)

bye bye!!!


olga3ºA said...

Hello Maciej!!!
Your photo is fantastic!
To my also I like very much the eggs of chocolate.
Bye Bye

alba 3a said...

Hello Marciej!!!

I like you comment is beautiful and fantastic!!
There seems to me everything you do on these holidays is brilliant
bye bye kisses...

Adrian said...

I like eggs,but in Spain we don't eat eggs.

ALBA said...

Hello Maciej, I likeyour comment very much, because it is very interesting and your photo very beautiful.

Bruno said...

Your photo is very funny.In spain we don't eat chocolate eggs.