Friday, April 4, 2008

María 3C

EASTER This Easter holidays were a few boring because I stayed at home all the holidays. Mainly because I hurt my foot…All started when an afternoon my father and I were in the garden looking for my mare. And suddenly my father said <>. The mare was a bit out of control, but it wasn’t a problem because I rode her and I controlled her. The mare was very calm and she didn’t do anything strange when I was on her.When I was down again I began to stroke her, because she was very good and tame, and she move to me to stroke her better.But she tread on me and she didn’t move. In conclusion; I broke my little toe…And that’s the reason I stayed at home for the most of the holidays. But despite this, I could go out with my friends to the shopping centre to see a film and to go shopping too. Maybe this holidays weren’t so boring… :P

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