Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The most interesting person I know

In July 26 2003 I met Natalia, a famous Spanish singer. She became popular on Operación Triunfo (American Idol in USA). Natalia is extrovert, funny, beautiful and more. That makes her very special. She has 5 CDs on the market with notable success (gold and Platinum cds). I met her at a concert in Llanes (Asturias), and I have seen her nine other times in concert. I am one of his fans and know her fanclub and other websites. You can listen to her complete new album "Radikal". She is not only a great singer but a fantastic person. She behaves very well with her fans and few singers can boast of doing so.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't know this person, but you from this what write it results, that is very on truth very curious person.

I greet :)
Sylwia k 3g

Anonymous said...

this met had to be very interesting.
You had lucky !

monika p form 1g

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Bruno.I think you were very lucky.

Anonymous said...

I'm Manuel.I think it was a very exciting thing for you

Anonymous said...

hi i'm dany .i think you are very lucky

Meeting Point Blog Team said...


you have got a very nice picture!

natalia for ever!!!