Tuesday, April 22, 2008


· The strangest thing that you have ever eaten: The strangest thing that I have eaten was a Chinese pastry.
· The best film you’ve ever seen:
The best film that I’ve ever seen was “El ultimatum de Bourne.”
· The most interesting person you’ve ever met:
The most interesting person that I’ve ever met is De la Ossa.
· The most exciting place you’ve ever been to:
The most exciting place that I’ve ever been was Germany.

· The most dangerous thing you’ve ever done:
The most dangerous thing that I’ve ever done was in the year 2007, coming from Burgos to Asturias in a bomb alert.

Juan Carlos De La Ossa

I met Juan Carlos in the Sansilvestre vallecana in the year 2004.
After that, I saw him in a lot of competitions and he always says Hello to me!
I like this because he is a very important athlete. He is the best cross runner. He has a lot of titles….I hope to see him again in the future.



julia said...

Hello!!Axo, I´m Julia . I really like the "Ultimatun of Bourne", it was amazing.So, by, by.

Meeting Point Blog Team said...

Hi Axo!
We're Ana and Andrea.
We also think that Germany is an exciting place, we stay there with you and we enjoyed the trip very much.
This year we are going there again but you can't go with us.
We hope that you have enjoyed your trip in Portugal.
Bye, Bye.

Anonymous said...

Juan Carlos De La Ossa is very good runner he won Word Championships in Helsinki and Paris .
Germany is fantastic place !!!

Karolina 3g

Anonymous said...

I love a German actor.
Magda S.,Poland