Wednesday, April 23, 2008

aroa crespo --3B

Aroa 3ºB

The strangest thing you’ve ever eaten: The sushi
The best film you’ve ever seen: It’s Titanic
The most interesting person you’ve ever meet: Miguel Angel Silvestre
The most exciting place you’ve ever been to: It’s Mallorca
The most dangerous thing you’ve ever done: I am a calm person and obedient so I haven’t done a lot of dangerous things but when I was a little girl I was playing with my cousin in my grandma's kitchen . While I was running the fryingpan fell on my head.

The most interesting film you’ve ever seen:
The film is “Titanic”. It is a fantastic film. It is about the sinking of a boat and the love story of a man anda woman. Rose De witt was an American girl that wanted to escape from her family. She met a boy, jack Dawson, that was travelling on the same ship. Their friendship grows Until it turned into a prohibited love. Rose and Jack were very in love and not even the collapse of the Titanic could separate them.


Anonymous said...

Titanic is very popular but it's very romantic.


ola 3g said...

Titanic is beautiful film ... I love it ;)
best wishes ;)