Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ronald 3B

The top most

-The strangest thing I have ever eaten is some chinese and japanese food.

-The best film I have ever seen is Jackass,1 and 2. I like both very much,the things that they do are amazing,and they can skate very well!!!.

-The most interesting person I have ever met is Juan carlos Higuero.

-The most exciting place I have ever been to is the park of the Teide,in the Canary islands.

-The most dangerous thing I have ever done is that two years ago I got lost in the mountain with my family L.

Now I’m going to talk obout when I met Juan Carlos Higuero.

It was the day before the MILLA INTERNACIONAL DE INFIESTO,

A great running cim and other good runners to the mountain,It was amazing because we were going with the a European Champion of Athletics as an ordinary tourist.

Now that I know him better,I think that he is a very good person and He isn’t vain at all .

The photo is obout the films of jackass,skate.

Bye bye!!

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Anonymous said...

I with my family every holiday go to mountains but we never lost there
I very like Polish mountains :)
Pawel 1g