Wednesday, April 23, 2008

javier 3c


The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten: Indian food.

The best film I’ve ever see: all the Harry Potter films.

The most interesting person I’ve ever met: Pepu Hernandez (basket selection’s coach).

The most exciting place I’ve ever been to: Germany.

The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done : surfing in a rainy day.

I’m going to speak about the experience of our trip to Germany and the things that happened there.
We were 7 classmates and 2 teachers in the school project. It was like an interchange, because the Germans came first to Spain to our houses in November 2006, and we went to Germany in march 2007. We were all very proud with this trip, and everyone realise that it was going to be a wonderful trip.
When we arrive Germany after a fly of more than 4 hours, we were very tired and we need to rest, so our partners bring us to their homes. The other days we were there it was very cold, with a lot of snow.
However we had a very good time there, because we were always doing something, going to their school lessons, or travelling around Germany.
We also went to Colonia,a big city in the northwest of Germany.
In fact we had a very good time, but of course we had to leave Germany,for went back to Spain. In that moment we felt very disillusioned and miserable,because we knew that we weren’t going to see the Germans for a very long time.
In short,we had 4 perfect days there, improving our English and having fun,they were perfect,and they’ll be perfect when we’ll go again in December 2008,I hope so.
That’s all, I hope you liked it.



julia said...

Hello!!Javier, I´m Julia. I also like all the films of Harry Potter , they are always amazing and stuuning.So, by, by.

Anonymous said...

Germany is fantastic country
For my Books of HP are better than films :)
Karolina 3g