Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aitana 3C

The strangest thing I've ever eaten: sea snails

.The best film I've ever seen: The eye (visiones)

.The most interesting person I've ever met: a boy in a carnival.

.The most exciting place I've ever been to: San Sebastian

.The most dangerous thing I've ever done: when I went to sleep
in mountain.

A film "The eye"

This easter holidays, my friends and I
went to the cinema to see a horror
film and I' was very scared because in the cinema
there were nobody but us. We were all alone.

The film is about a girl that is blind
and she puts on the cornea of other people
and the owner of the eyes
had killed some people in a horrible way.
The dead girl can predict that other people are going to
to die and one day she prevents a lot of people
but nobody trust her and think that she is
crazy.The protagonist can see the same as the dead girls.
Finally, the protagonist saves a lot of people
and then she removes the eyes and never
comes to see but she is quiet.

This film is very beautiful but also very scary .
Now I am watching a TV progamme with a very handsome boy(el duque)
and I don't dream of the film any more :)


Anonymous said...

The eye come to cinema in poland, but i scary go to cinema on this film :) you describe very interestng, maybe I go to cinema on this weekend :)

Justyna F Ig

Anonymous said...

Sea snails are tasty !! ;p

Pzdr 4 you ^^

Pawel 1g

ola 3g said...

Film "The eye" didn't please me. It was boring
best wishes ;)