Monday, April 21, 2008

Magda P. (3e)

The strangest thing I've ever eaten: snails
The best thing I've ever seen: my healthy dog
The most exciting place I've ever been to: the Tatra Mountains
The most dangerous thing I've ever done: piercing my ear myself
The most interesting person I've ever met: Chester Bennington
The best film I've ever seen: The Silence of the Lambs
The best book I've ever read: Association of Wandering Jeans

The most interesting person I've ever met is Chester Bennington.In fact I haven't met him in person. But meeting him and his music was for me a great experirnce. It started in year 2001.I heard a great song by him. Until now I still love him. I read a lot of interviews with him. He is a great person. He is very funny. He is a great husband for his wife, Belinda and a great father for his sons. I think he is now like that because he had a dramatic past. I wish he would never change because now he is the best person I've ever met.

Magda P., class III "e"


laura 3ºc said...


What's the dramatic past of Chester Bennington?

You didn't wrote it!! xD

Bye ****


Anonymous said...

WWWOOOWWW !! I've met Chester Beninngton too !! It was on the concert in Poland..
He is my authirity.It's big luck that he is on Earth ;)



Victor said...

The silence of the lambs
is a incredible film!

I love Horror films!
Do you like Linkin Park?


Anonymous said...

oh... Magda you must be very happy. I can only suppose what you felt there. It must be amazing. I wish I had met somebody like he.
kisss ;*

Klaudia 3e

Anonymous said...


I also ate snails it was disgusting!!!

I don't know anithing about Chester Bennington...!!!is he a singer?

bye bye



alba 3a said...

Hello Madga!!!
I ate snails too. I have eaten them in an omelette and it is disgusting!!
Did your parents scold you much for the piercing?
bye bye kisses...

olga3ºA said...

Hello Magda!!!
I haven't eaten snails but I think that they are disgusting.
Didn't it hurt you when you did the piercing?
bye bye

Anonymous said...

I like him very much like you!!
Chester the best singer of the world!!
and linkin park of course!!
but now the last ''Album''
is worse than the others :(
but it doesn't matter, I will follow to listen Meteora etc...bye bye!!