Friday, April 11, 2008

Irene 3ºB

The strangest thing you’ve ever eaten:the sushi.
The best film you’ve ever seen:it’s Grease.
The most interesting person you’ve ever met:he’s Hugo Silva.
The most exciting place you’ve ever been to:it’s Peñiscola.
The most dangerous thing you’ve ever done:I am very calm person so I haven’t done a lot of dangerous things but the most dangerous thing that I have ever done is swimming a large distance on the beach and I couldn’t swim back to shore.I only was 10 years old.

The film is Grease.It’s a musical about some crazy teenagers.They are studying at a High school and they don’t do anything ,only drinking and smoking.Dany,is a cocky guy that loves a clever and formal girl,Sandy.They met in summer but the autumn arrives and they split up.Sandy goes to Dany’s High school and they fall in love.This film is older than me but it’s very beautiful.I saw this film about 20 times.The first time that I saw this film was when I was 8 years old and since that moment I’ve loved dancing a lot. I love it!I recommend this film to the people that love dancing!


Anonymous said...

the best film is titanic
but grease or saturday night fever
are good too
the most dangerouse think that i do
was going whit you and mila
by car to torazu!


Pablo 3ºB said...

How are you??
This is an example of a realy good film, but I prefer The Lord of The Rings. I think that these film is the best film I have ever seen!!!!

Bye bye

Anonymous said...

You live near the sea? If thats true im so jelous about it :x.
magda 3e

Anonymous said...

Have you seen "High School Musical"?I suppose you would like it.
Magda S., Poland