Monday, April 21, 2008

Asia Ż. (3e)

The strangest thing I've ever eaten: snails in the cake.
The best film I've ever seen: "Titanic".
The most interesting person I've ever met: bodyguard at the concert with
around ten earrings on the face.
The most exciting place I've ever been to: Kaszuby
The most dangerous thing I've ever done: While running downhill
I was almost run over by a car.

Now I’m going to tell you about when I met bodyguard with around ten

It was a few months ago. Together we went to a concert with the friend.
the bodyguard which checked our tickets was a bit strange. He had about
ten earrings on the face except for ears. He had earrings in eyebrows in
the nose on the mouth in the chin and a few in cheeks. For me earrings
on the face are horrible !
And you what do you think about it?

Comment please ;))


Pablo said...

I think that the snails inside a cake aren't very tasty!!I also like Titanic.

bye bye

Aroa y Aitana said...


We also think that
titanic are a very
beeautiful film.
And whem we see this film
we cray a lot :)




OLGA 3ºA said...

Hello Asia!!!
I think that the snails in the cake are horrible.
The film Titanic is fantastic!!!

alba 3a said...

Hello Asia!!!
I believe that to eat a cake with snails is disgusting!!
my favorite movie is titanic is fantastic!!!
bye bye kisses...

ALBA said...

Hello Asia Z, I've also eaten snails, but not in a cake.
I also like the film Titanic very much, because it's a billiant film.

Adrian said...

Hello Asia!!
I've never eaten snails but in my country people eat them.