Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aitana 3C

I’m going to talk about my easter holidays.

This holidays I slept a lot but I also went out with my parents

to the processions but I only went to the processions because the

Masses are very boring. The problem is that this year it rained a lot

and the processions were cancelled. Every year I help a friend to put the mantillas that are a few combs with a mantle hanging over the women's heads ,but I wear a dark, big hood that it is a garment . It is like a cloak with a peak.

In Asturias the most typical foods are the boroño and the torrijas.

The borroño is a mixture of flour, butter, water.. and inside they put some sausages, meat...

The torrijas are prepared by slicing some bread and soaking them in milk and then they fry them and add some sugar.

This is typical in Spain. I think that Easter is very interesting and very funny .

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