Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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The top most

  • The strangest thing you’ve ever eaten :”Arroceros” (typical in Leon)
  • The best film you’ve ever seen :”El principe de los ladrones“ and “Grease”
  • The most interesting person you’ve ever met: my mother and my friends
  • The most exciting place you’ve been to: Colonia in Germany
  • The most dangerous thing you’ve done: Go for a walk with a friend of Madrid because one day we nearly died.

Now I’m going to tell about the most exciting place I’m been.

The last year I went to Wipperfürt, a beautiful city in Germany.

I went with my classmates and we stayed in the houses of some Germans.

We visited the Cathedral of Colonia and the Chocolate Museum. We also had free time to spend it on shopping.

Someone of us went to a shop of jokes called”Nanu Nana”. Two of my classmates bought some sweets of different flavours like: onion, pepper, garlic…

We gave some of these sweets to the other classmates and to one of the two teachers. We laughed a lot of them because they put a strange faces.

Later we go to the Chocolate Museum and we saw the images and the texts that explain the history of chocolate.

Then we bought chocolate figures and Axo, Ana and I bought a soft drink of lime.

I think that we enjoy the travel very much and we go to Germany other time.


Anonymous said...

You should go visit Poland, not Germany ;DD.

greetings ;*

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

Wow! The Gremany it place magnificently. Thies photo is beautiful. There is very interesing.
Magda Z.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately the people who ate strange chocolates didn't get sick.
I like your story!
Maqgda S., Poland