Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sara 3c

The strangest thing you´ve ever eaten: omelette of cod
The best film you´ve ever seen: titanic, pirates of caribbean and million dolar baby
The most interesting person you´ve ever met: my father
The most exciting place you´ve ever been to: the city of vatican
The most dangerous thing you´ve ever done: when my horse to begin to run and don´t stop

One day I ride a horse and I was going of the road but suddenly behind me was comming a truck and the horse to begin to run and I can´t stop because the horse scares.
When Tola(the name of my horse) saw a meadow Tola go run and I didn´t stop to shout.I was thinking that she was going to throwing.
After when she came to the meadow she stopped to run but I spend very bad.But when stopped my father came and I became calm.
I thing that is a situation dangerous because you don´t know that the horse can do.


ola 3g said...

I never eat omlette of cod ... Whole luck ;)
best wishes ;)

IVAN 3ºA said...


the photo is very interesting!!!!!!!!!

DO you do live there????