Monday, April 7, 2008

Tamara 3ºA

The strangest thing I've eaten is liver.

The best film I've seen is Halloween.

The most interesting person I've met is my friend Cristina.

The most exciting place I've been to is Cuba.

The most dangerous thing I've done is to fly on my uncle's ultralight plane.

My trip to Cuba

I went to Cuba three years ago. I went by plane with my friends Selene, Paula and Cristina. We stayed in a big hotel with a big swimmingpool, a disco and bars with many different drinks and juices. We had a great time visiting the city. It was amazing!


Anonymous said...

you went a cuba?
hehe is fantastic

Anonymous said...

Stay on Cuba, I seem very interesting. I unfortunately not had opportunity to visit this state, but I think, that yet all before me :)

I would want very to jump on bungie but this airplane wakes my curiosity also :))

I greet

But liver - fuuu :p

Sylwia k 3g

Anonymous said...

You have very interesting adventures, I would want also to have such

I greet

cristina said...

I go a cuba with Tamara.My name is Crisina.The travell went fantastic! we spen it very well.