Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ola, 3 g

1. The strangest thing I've ever eaten is liver and spinach.

2. The best thing I've ever seen is a view of mother with infant.

3.The most exciting place I've ever been is fjords in Norway.

4.The most dangerous thing, I've ever done was it that I have been born :D

5.The most interesting person, I've ever met is my grandfather.

6.The best films, I've ever seen is Titanic, Step up and Walk to remember.

7.The best book, I've ever read is Quo vadis

8.The best teacher, I’ve ever met is Mr. Tadewicz :D

Walk to remember is a beautiful film about love. About hard love. She is a quiet girl who isn't interested in boys. He is a boy whom everybody knows. Their acquaintance didn’t start in an interesting way but later it was wonderful. In the end she died but she will always remain in his memory. I always cry when I watch this film. It’s wonderful when two people are in love so deeply. I could watch this film million times and surely it won’t bore me.

Ola M., class III "G"


cristina 3c said...


I don't like liver, it is disgusting¡¡¡¡

The film is sad¡¡¡¡

Tamara..!! said...


The film is fantastic for titanic !!
I like it very much!!

Victor said...

Why is To be born the most dangerous thing that you have done?

Anonymous said...

omg. I love watch this film too. I always cry. I don't think that the film is sad. It tell about something fantasic and I suppose that everybody want to have somebody who will be for us so wonderful person for all life.

Klaudia 3e

Anonymous said...

I love Walk to remeber. I was crying, when i watch it ;(. Its so beautiful.

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

I'm Manuel from Spain.I don't like this type of films, I prefer other types like fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I think that step up is super too, but titanic is borring :)

Justyna F.

Adriana 3G said...

It's fantastic film - in this foto > A Walk to Remember <
and ... moments ... ! ;)
I always cry when I watch this.
But Titanic is ok :p
xx ;*

Anonymous said...

Ohh ;D

The photo is from a film "A walk to remember"
I love it !!!

I had to write this xD

Best wishes ; **

Kasia Ig